Interesting real estate facts you didn’t know

Not many people are fans of the real estate market. So many different laws and rules, too much paperwork, and way too much fees. People dread dealing with real estate agents and cringe at the prospect of entering the market. But, not everything has to be so serious. While you are taking a break from the contracts and legal fees we offer you some interesting real estate facts you probably didn’t know. Take a couple of minutes to relax and to enjoy this amazing list. It might help you real estate transaction in ways you never saw coming!

1.Real estate and homelessness lead to some interesting discoveries

these are some interesting real estate facts

The importance of the real estate market in dealing with social problems is huge

Homelessness is a serious problem in the entire United States. Real estate market is closely connected to it and if you dig deeper you can find some very interesting real estate facts. Not every state deals with it the same way, so perhaps we can look up to the ones that really have great ideas on tackling this issue.

  • In the United States of America, there are 5 times as many vacant houses as there are homeless people. That means that if every homeless person was placed somewhere, we would still have more than enough vacant homes.
  • Utah has found a solution to this problem. Since 2005, they give vacant homes for free to homeless people. Research shows that they were able to significantly decrease the number of homeless people. Now, that is an interesting real estate fact! 

2. The most expensive homes have always peeked interest

On the other side of the table, there are people who own multiple homes, and whose homes cost more than you can fathom. But who are the people who really went over the top? Well, for example, we have the Seattle Kingdome, a project so expensive that it was finally paid for in 2015. That wouldn’t come as such a surprise until you take into consideration that the building was demolished ten years before that.

One of the most interesting real estate facts is that you can now buy land on the Moon. You might never visit, but at least it will be yours for as little as $30 per acre.

And if you want to know about extravagant earthly belonging, a billion from India has a home that cost $1 billion and has as many as 27 floors. Well, perhaps he has a very big family.

On the other hand, Warren Buffet, one of the richest people on this planet, doesn’t indulge in such expensive shopping. He, actually, lives in the same house since 1958. At that time it cost a little more than $30,000. So, perhaps you live in better houses that some millionaires!

You would also be surprised to know that the White House has been estimated to about $110 million. Not that it will ever be sold.

3. You wouldn’t believe that mortgage is responsible for some of the most interesting real estate facts!

The mortgage is dreaded by almost anyone and some people feel like celebrating when they finally pay it off. Well, some people actually do! In Scotland, it is common to paint the door of your house bright red once you manage to pay it off. Another interesting real estate fact is closely connected to a gangster from Depression Era, called Pretty Boy. His real name was Charles Floyd and while he was robbing banks he also destroyed all the mortgage documents. The citizens were very grateful, but the government not so much.

4. The biggest, the smallest, the tallest… Real estate market has it all!

Here are some of the most interesting real estate facts

Now that is a view worth the climb!

When it comes to interesting real estate facts, some of the world breaking records take it to the top. Quite literary. Burj Kalifa, the tallest building to this date, located in Dubai, has an interesting tourist attraction. It is so tall that you can watch the sunset from the base of the building, that climb to the top and watch that same sunset all over again.

When it comes to the tallest buildings, people have always chased that title. The architect that created the Crysler building build a pointy top only to beat the competition, when he realized that the structure itself isn’t going to be tall enough.

Although the biggest and the tallest usually take up space on the front page, it’s good to know about the other extremes as well. In some developing countries, lacking resource and funding, houses don’t have more than 75 square feet. Space is sometimes a luxury.

5. People have built real estate in some very strange places!

Human imagination has no limits. It should come as a no surprise that there is a Bavarian town completely built on top of a 14-million-old crater created when a meteor collided with Earth. Another interesting real estate fact is that in Florida, some people have built their houses on a World War II bombing range. They discover bombs on their property to this day and have no problems with them.

Although buying and selling real estate can be a drag, many people enjoy the real estate market. Once the whole chaos with the documents is over with, you are left with an amazing home to take care off. You can do whatever you want with it! Before you engage in any of it, make sure that you have read some of our helpful articles. If you are new to all this checkout this article about real estate trends, and keep yourself informed.

Meanwhile, try not to take this so seriously, and spend some time exploring the fun sides of this endevour. You could look for cheap decoration and easy ways to improve your home. You can also research your future community and participate in some activities you are not familiar with. Let this interesting real estate facts spike your interest and enable you to have a very nice start to this stage of your life. Good luck!