Interior design trends in 2017

When it comes to real estate, new trends emerge every year. We have previously written about some general trends that you should look our for throughout this year. But, the work doesn’t end when you buy the house. That is when the madness begins. Decorating your house is not an easy task, but we are here to help. You have invested so much time into making sure that you chose the right one, don’t let it all go to waste now. Read our article on the interior design trends and roll up your sleeves. For sure there is something you might find interesting. Incorporate that into your new home and enjoy everything you have created.

1.When it comes to colors bright green takes the lead

It isn’t always easy to determine which color is going to dominate the trends. Although you don’t necessarily need to incorporate this particular color into your new home, it will for sure look good. It will also be much easier for you to find things colored like this and incorporate with the rest of the furniture. This particular color and its natural tone represent revitalization and refreshments. And they say that the interior design trends only dictate what people really need. So, if you can’t go out to nature, let nature come to you.

2.  Mixing the patterns is one of the top interior design trends of 2017

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Well, we can’t really say that this is a new trend, but it has gone above and beyond this year. It is almost impossible to find things that only have one color or pattern, it’s all about mixing it up. This is most noticeable in large spaces, such as walls, beds, and carpets. The style might mimic boho, but it is not entirely like it. Although most combinations are colorful and bright, some of them are entirely black and white. If you don’t enjoy this many colors, pick out a piece of furniture or decoration like this, and leave the rest in only one color. The place will still seem very distinct and unique.

3.  And what is the new black?

Black has always been the foundation for everything. But, people get bored easily, and they need change and improvement. That means that every year there is a new color that serves as a foundation and temporarily replaces black. Interior design trends dictate these changes, and this year the chosen color is navy. This color is less dark than the black and represents the perfect mixture of modern and traditional. It works very well with almost any color palette, and everywhere inside the house.

4. White, white everywhere!

One important thing to notice when it comes to the interior design trends is that DIY is not one of them anymore. Its place has been taken by the craftsmanship as well as the artisanal. It is no longer popular to have everything made with your own two hands. Instead, people have been buying decorative materials made out of marble and glass and created by professionals. This is where white comes to place. This color has become completely dominant when it comes to small decorative objects scattered around the house. It will give your space a modern touch and it doesn’t even cost that much.

5. Mixing of periods, and not staying true to one style is the new most popular interior design trend

popular interior design styles

Which style do you prefer?

It used to be very important to stick to a certain style and not wander off. It wasn’t considered appropriate to pair up antiques with modern, or with antiques from a different period of time. But, nowadays, the pressure is completely off. In fact, it has been encouraged. The diversity is everywhere, so why not welcome it into your home as well. Having a sense of style is a very loose characteristic, and interior design trends aren’t s strict. There will, of course, always be things that are in and out. This season, for example, it isn’t recommended to have big pieces of furniture in your home. Miniatures have taken over. We will see how long that trend is going to last.

6. Have in mind – matte is the way to go

Interior design trends can sometimes change drastically from one season to another. What was considered modern and edgy can very quickly lose that attribute.  Brush metal is out of the way. More natural feel is now leading the way. And that is where matte comes to place. As you have most certainly noticed in makeup, nails, and wardrobe, matte, nude and natural are everywhere. It seems like people are trying to further away from metallic, shiny and glitter that ruled throughout the nineties. All of those trends have their place amongst other interior design trends as well. Make sure it suits your personal style and matte all the way.

7. Interior design trends mixes it up with technology

We live in modern times filled with gadgets that make our life easier. So, why shouldn’t that be a part of our home as well? There are many ways you can use technology to make your home more accessible and more secure, as well as more trendy and pleasant. You have a smartphone, why not have a smart home as well? If you are not sure what the market has to offer, check out this article on modern gadgets. It might inspire you. You don’t need to spend so much, but you can still see the difference.

Following trends isn’t always easy, and it is most certainly not necessary. But you should try to give it a go. Having something from every stage and season turns your house into a story telling experience. Let your home reflect who you are, what are your ideas and style. Incorporate interior design trends into all of that and create something both trendy and unique. Don’t be scared that you will have to throw everything away when the season ends – trends tend to have a comeback!