Investment 101: renovating a condo

Owning a property is a huge investment in the age in which we live in. Whether you own a house or a condo, it is important to take good care of it. By maintaining it in a good shape you will be able to sell it as soon as you feel like it. Therefore, you should try renovating a condo in order to increase the market value of your home. If you invest a certain amount of money in a smart way, you will recoup the cost of renovation and earn something in the process. However, the question is how to renovate your condo in order to make it a good investment? So, we bring you the best ideas for renovating a condo.

Before renovation

There are a few things that you should pay attention to before you begin renovating a condo:

•    Set a budget. It is important to calculate how much money you are going to invest and how much it will add to the value of your condo. When all the expenses are covered, check whether you are going to profit from renovation.

•    Make a plan. Take a look around your condo and see which rooms need large changes and which ones need only small improvements.

•    Hire contractors. Unless you have relevant experience, do not try to renovate by yourself. For this reason, you need to hire experienced contractors with good credentials.

•    Look for the best deal. Go on a shopping adventure and see where you can get the best deal. Additionally, check out home decor trends, and buy furniture and decorations to match them.

Start from kitchen

People say that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and it is true. For this reason, when you are renovating a condo, you should start with your kitchen. Firstly, clean and declutter your kitchen. This will do wonders for your kitchen and you will gain additional storage space. Invest in new countertops, energy efficient appliances, and stainless steel. However, if you want to store your old appliances, you can find safe storage units at your disposal, and keep them there for the time being. If possible, you should go with a classic design and neutral paint tones since they appeal to a larger group of people. However, to make your kitchen even more interesting, choose tiles of different colors, patterns or texture.


Tiles in various colors


Alongside with a kitchen, a bathroom should be next on your list when you are renovating a condo. Change the toilet fixture, put two sinks instead of one, and repaint the walls. Additionally, you can be a little bit playful with the tiles or even put some greenery in your bathroom, an orchid for example. Then you can match the color of orchids with the color of the towels. In conclusion, a bathroom that looks comfortable and inviting will certainly increase the value of your property.

towel, soap and roses

Interesting details for your bathroom


It is a challenge to create additional space when you are renovating a condo. You can use the oldest trick in the book and place mirrors in your rooms. The mirrors will do the trick and make your space feel larger. Additionally, you can choose a round table instead of a huge dining table, or mount your TV. Pick furniture that offers maximum functionality. However, they may make the room feel smaller. For example, two small coffee tables instead of a large one can be a good choice. Furthermore, go with calm, even-toned colors that will make your room feel more spacious. Be sure to add some subtle patterns in order to lift the atmosphere of the room.

Brighten your room

Nobody feels comfortable in dark rooms with a very little natural light. Luckily, you do not have to make a major renovation in order to brighten your room. For instance, avoid dark heavy curtains. Instead, opt for translucent shades. Paint your walls in lighter colors. Not only will your space appear bigger and modern, but it will also be brighter.

Choose matte surfaces because they will reflect light in every direction. In addition to this, clean your windows thoroughly. It may seem so simple, but it is effective. Never place your bookshelves parallel to the windows since they will obstruct the light.

Lastly, be careful where you put lighting fixtures. It would be best if you put them at the back of the room so the lamps will aim light upwards. You should play it smart when you are renovating a condo.

renovating a condo - living room

Ideas for your living room

Small renovations ideas

When you are renovation a condo, not everything will require major changes. You can simply replace old faucets or repaint your walls. Just pay attention to the choice of the color since you aim to open space. Furthermore, make sure to repair any damages. It is not necessary to decorate your condo to perfection. While it would be slightly difficult to sell it if you have leaky windows or any similar functional problem, people will be interested in it.

Lastly, clean your house thoroughly. Your condo will look so much better after a good scrubbing.

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Renovating a condo

As you can see, it will pay off if you decide to renovate. Major renovation should be done in the kitchen and the bathroom. The fresh coat of paint and changing the old appliances can do wonders. Make sure to have a good plan beforehand and try not to add many changes. This will force you to spend more money than what you hoped. Additionally, see what it is in a fashion these days and incorporate such details in your renovation plan.