Is it possible to move overseas during the coronavirus pandemic

A lot of people planned their move for spring 2020 but a lot of them had to postpone their moves too. This was all due to the coronavirus pandemic that occurred this year. We are all going through a tough time and it is why so many people found it much better to actually postpone their¬†moves. But what if that is impossible? A lot of people who were planning to move overseas still have to go through with their relocation because postponing such a serious type of a move is impossible. If you were organizing or you already did organize a move before the pandemic and you aren’t sure whether you are able to move overseas during the coronavirus pandemic, we are here to give you some more information about that. Reading this text carefully will help you achieve the best possible overseas moving experience.

So, is moving overseas possible?

Well, sadly, as of now, it isn’t in most parts of the world. Shipping goods is, but moving isn’t. This means that your plan to move overseas during the coronavirus pandemic is crushed. And this is simply because it is impossible for you to move. But this shouldn’t make you sad or disappointed. After all of this is over and once everything goes back to the way it was before, you will be able to go through with your overseas move. But for now, you will have to stay inside.

A world map.

Moving internationally isn’t possible as of now.

But a problem occurs for plenty of people who have sold their homes and planned on relocating to a different country. Moving inside of a country is still possible and a lot of people are still doing it. And if the people who bought your old home or rented it have to move in, you definitely need to move out. That is why we decided to give you some tips on moving generally during the coronavirus pandemic. Use these tips if you have to move in order to make your relocation safe and as stress-free as possible.

Tips for moving during the coronavirus pandemic

Whether you are moving to a city with fewer infected people or you simply have to relocate to a different home because of some complications caused by a postponed overseas move, you need to stay safe. Keeping a distance is very important even when you are moving. This parks plenty of questions and we are here to give you the answers to some of them.

Should you hire movers for your move?

No matter how big or small your move is, hiring movers is the best way to make your relocation as safe and as easy to handle as possible. This goes even when you plan to start over abroad with some help or in your current city. But is hiring movers safe when relocating during the coronavirus pandemic? Well, luckily, it is!

A young man with a face mask.

Hiring movers is still safe.

Good moving companies are making sure that all their employees are healthy and protected. They are all constantly wearing face masks, visors, and rubber gloves. The movers are always making sure that they are keeping a distance from the people they are moving. Another amazing thing that makes moving with movers even safer is the fact that they take out the time to disinfect and clean all their trucks and their moving equipment after every move. This means that the trucks where your belongings will be in are going to also be safe and clean even after the move is over. This is why you should definitely plan to hire movers.

Plan your budget

A lot of people have had a setback in their income due to the coronavirus pandemic. And whether or not this has happened to you, you are definitely going to need to create and calculate precisely your moving budget. A moving budget keeps your finances under control and you will know exactly how much money you are spending. Have this in mind and try to find this important because the situation right now is unpredictable. A precise estimate is the key to a successful move and a precise key is going to help you create your realistic moving budget.

Get the right packing supplies

You are going to need the right packing supplies for both your move overseas during the coronavirus pandemic and a local move. The right supplies make packing and unpacking easier the same way hiring makes moving easier. They also make moving much easier. In order to pack correctly, you are going to need:

A cardboard box with some items packed in it.

Having good-quality packing supplies is more important now than ever.

Using plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones is a much better solution right now. Plastic boxes are much easier to clean. And you are going to have a lot of cleaning to do. Even though the trucks are disinfected, you still need to disinfect each box before bringing it inside of your home. Use plastic foil to wrap up your furniture in order to keep it clean throughout the whole move. Disassemble your furniture to make it easier to move. Always remember to label your boxes because it is what makes unpacking so much easier.

Stay safe

The most important thing right now for you is to stay safe. And in order to do that, you are also going to need some items and prepare for the move in advance. Wearing a face mask is a must all the time. Rubber gloves and visors are also recommended. Stay away from large crowds and keep a distance from your movers. Wash your hands as much as needed in order to prevent the spreading of the virus. If you are moving somewhere to run away from the virus, you need to make sure that you are tested first so you aren’t the one spreading the virus.