Is living in a big city for you?

If you spent your whole life living in a small town, you might ask yourself if living in a big city is for you. There are many differences between the two. And to someone who isn’t used to these things, it might be hard to keep up with the fast pace of the big city.

Living in a big city means a lot of people wherever you go

The one thing you already know about big cities is that there is a lot of people. Everywhere. The bus stop, the shop, the elevator. Wherever you go, a lot of people you don’t know are around you.┬áThis is very shocking at first for people who are used to living in small towns. Also, students moving to college have this problem too. A lot of the times, these people get anxiety because of the sudden change in the environment. So if you think you won’t be able to handle this, living in a big city isn’t for you.

a busy crossroads

There is a lot of people in big cities.

Traffic might be a problem when living in a big city

Since there are a lot of people, there is a lot of traffic. You don’t really need a car to get to places because there is a lot of public transport. However, a vast number of people find traffic jams annoying and stressful after moving to a big city for the first time. Generally, traffic jams are quite common for everyone in a big city. Even movers say that people coming from small towns get very surprised when a truck with their belongings gets stuck in traffic. So if you want to live in a big city, prepare for the busy traffic.

a man driving a car because, most often, this is a necessity when living in a big city.

Be prepared to get stuck in a traffic jam at least once a day.

Get used to noise when living in a big city

Big cities are very loud. And to someone who isn’t used to the noise, this is a big problem during the first few weeks of living in a big city. Many people have trouble to fall asleep and they tend to have migraines because of that too. That’s why you should explore the new city to find some peaceful spots you can go to.

a girl with a rucksack on her back exploring a big city

Exploring a big city might help you find a place that is quiet and peaceful.

People are not always the nicest

When you live in a small town, you have to be nice to everyone. Yet in big cities, this isn’t the tradition. People are nervous and constantly in a hurry. Pushing people around is a sport everyone loves. Wherever you work, you will need time to adjust to your new job as not a lot of people will come forward and ask you if you need any help. Not everyone is nervous all the time though, but work days are the worst.


Living in a big city isn’t always as good as they show it in movies. There is a lot of people, both residents, and tourists. A lot of cars and buses on the streets. All of this together makes the city loud and noisy, which can cause migraines for some people. If you don’t think you can handle all of this and many other things we didn’t get the chance to mention, you are not ready to be living in a big city. At least nor for now.