Leaving Seattle for good – 5 things you’ll most definitely miss

Going away from your Seattle home is a big deal. There might be a great job or a perfect dream house waiting for you somewhere far away, but if this is your first home relocation, it won’t be easy. In the first place, you will miss your family and your friends. But then, if you have spent long enough in this nice seaport city on the west coast of the United States of America, there are so many other things you will definitely long for. Here is what you’ll need to say goodbye to when leaving Seattle for good.

1. Natural treasures

Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic Mountains to the west, and Lake Washington and the Cascade Range to the east, Seattle is a place that has so much to offer in terms of nature.

Every Seattle citizen has a great opportunity to witness the majestic views on a daily basis. Rivers, forests, sea, fields, lakes, mountains, even desert landscapes. Whenever you look around there is some beauty at your sight. And the fact is that only a few places in the world can boast of being less than an hour away from both the ocean and mountains.

Let’s guess you’ve had enough of swimming, sailing, and sunbathing- no problem. Just turn around and go some hiking, bicycling, or try the good old skiing. And if you choose nothing of these, enjoying nature itself will be perfect enough. Not to mention that the proximity to Canada and its beauties are just an extra Seattle perk. A great scenario, isn’t it? Truth to speak, there is hardly any other place in America where you can move to and have all of these at your fingertips.

There is a person walking on a beach, and this scenery is something you will definitely miss after leaving Seattle for good.
Sunsets on the beach are always special.

2. The moderate weather- something you’ll hardly forget about after leaving Seattle for good

Well, the best word to describe the Seattle weather is temperate. In this city, every season comes with its own gains, and it never goes to any extremes. In the summer you’ll definitely have enough sun to spend your days on the beach, but you will never feel it’s too hot to be outside. On the other hand, winters are cool and wet, but there are no enormously low temperatures or so much snow that will block your way out. All you can expect here is nice moderate weather during the whole year.

But that’s not suitable only for those who live in Seattle. Those are good news for the ones who are going away from there as well. If you are about to relocate your home from Seattle to some other place, and you want to call reliable people to assist you in the process, it’ll be good to hear that you will not have to manage your moving plans towards the weather.

3. Rainy days routine

Seattle is a rainy city. It is the cloudiest region of the whole USA. That’s why we can say that Seattle citizens are used to rain and everything that comes with it. So, if you grew up in a city like this, once you hire Los Angeles Transfer and Storage to take you away from Seattle, rain may be one of the things you will probably miss. No matter how funny and impossible it sounds right now. And this is especially if you are moving to a dry place where people avoid going out during the rainy days. Or, even worse, where they carry those strange things called umbrellas when they notice clouds in the sky.

We know that a rain jacket and a pair of good boots seem more than enough for you. But, if you decide to move away from Seattle, and you do all the relocation packing by yourself, don’t forget to pack one umbrella as well. You surely don’t want to seem like a crazy stranger walking carelessly in the rain. And one more thing concerning self-packing- make sure you are properly equipped for the whole process. Find the best places to buy all the necessary supplies, and get everything you need on time.

There is a man standing in the rain.
In Seattle rain is not a big deal.

4. Casual clothing

Well, we have some bad news for you here. Moving away from Seattle for good, means a lot of thinking about your clothing in the future. People in the rest of the world tend to dress up whenever they decide to go out. What most Seattle citizens consider formal, others usually call business casual. This means your best flannel and a pair of jeans should be replaced with some more elegant everyday attire. And yes, you’ll need to give up your comfort in order to fit in the new place.

So, this may be a great chance to make changes in your closet. Do some shopping before the move, and get some new pieces. It might seem like a little bit too many clothes for you right now, but if you are lucky enough, and you replace your small apartment with something bigger, there will certainly be a place for everything.

5. The food after leaving Seattle for good

All over the world, there are some places with excellent food. And no matter where you go, you will find a good restaurant that satisfies all your gourmet needs. But when the professional relocation crew takes you away from the city of Seattle, you will move away from one of the few cities that can offer a wide range of varied ethnic food. In Seattle, you can find food from many different counties- France, India, even Vietnam. And it is pretty good, indeed. Then, if you are used to eating seafood, you’d better be going to another coastal city, since otherwise you’ll be deeply disappointed with the offer.

There are some plates and bowls with several dishes.
There is some food that always makes us feel at home.

As you can see leaving Seattle for good inevitably goes with some lifestyle changes. Some of them won’t be easy, that’s for sure. But if you are ready to make compromises, and if you are patient enough there is really nothing that can stop you.