Should you live in a house or in an appartment?

When it comes to moving and real estate, there are so many decisions to be made. It is completely normal to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Which country should you choose? What is the best moving company? How should I pack my belongings? So many choices. But one of the biggest ones is where you should live. It is not easy to decide whether you should live in a house or in an apartment. In fact, many people will tell you they are very determined when it comes to this choice. It´s kind of like cats and dogs – you can´t have it both ways. But what should you do?

Each choice has its own pros and cons. One thing is certain; you should live in a house or in an apartment because that is what you want, and not because someone told you their experience. You don´t know how your experience will be. Form your decisions and opinions based on what you know firsthand. Sometimes it´s better to stick to what you know, and sometimes it´s better to change things up a bit. Think about what you want and what suits you best, that is the best way to make this decision.

  1. Houses are often more spacious and come with a garden or a backyard

This is, of course, not true in every case, but we are talking about what happens in most cases. Living in a house means more often than not that you will have a lot of space. In addition to this, you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. This opens a whole world of possibilities – you can have a pool, a garden, have pets etc. You should live in a house if you need the fresh air and space more often.

When it comes to apartments, they can also be very big and spacious, but they do lack certain advantages a house can offer. If you have the chance to have a big terrace or access to the roof, some of these things can be overcome. Also, you can always do the best with a smaller place and enjoy your home to the fullest.

  1. You should live in a house if you are not afraid of costs

decide whether you should live in a house

Enjoy your space and peace living in a house

Truth be told, this is almost always the case. Houses are simply more expensive. They are bigger, more spacious; there is almost always land around… And you are in charge of any repair, no matter how big or small it is. There are ways to downsize the costs. One of the best ones is to have insurance, as this will help you a lot. If you are not sure what home insurance entails, you can check it out here. Don´t be fooled and think that living in an apartment is cheap. It might be cheaper that living in a house, but there are still significant costs you should look out for.


  1. Apartments are often in much better locations

Like we have previously mentioned, there are exceptions to every rule, but this is something you should have in mind. If you, for example, want to build a house from scratch, you won´t be able to find such a good location. You should live in a house if a location isn´t your priority. But if it is, try to find a nice apartment that will save you from long commutes and traffic jams. When picking your next home have in mind the traffic, interstates, and bridges, so you can avoid being the angry driver and living in your car.

  1. You should live in a house if you enjoy your peace and quiet

Apartments are often located in busy, noisy areas with a lot of traffic and movement. You might be close to a lot of things, but a lot of things are close to you too. That means that without good isolation you will probably never get a good night´s sleep. House offers much more flexibility when it comes to this. With a good yard and proper isolation, you will enjoy the silence. Also, it goes both ways, if you are likely to create a lot of noise, you should live in a house. It can be from all the parties, or small kids and pets, or because you work from home and you are loud. Regardless, in order not to cause problems with your neighbors, choose a house or a flat with good isolation.

  1. You should live in a house if you enjoy other flexibility as well

You should live in a house

Parking can sometimes be a real issue if you don’t have your own garage

We have already mentioned some perks that come with living in a house, such as space, lack of noise and back yard. But there are a few you should also consider. One of them is having pets. This is also possible in the apartment but many say that it should be avoided because feel like it´s a torture for animals such as dogs. Another flexibility comes with decorating your exterior because it´s entirely up to you and you don’t have to consult the entire building in order to do it. And let´s not forget parking spaces. Having your own garage feels like a blessing and it saves so much time.

There is no right and wrong answer, you just have to figure out what is best for you and have in mind all the possible outcomes. You should live in a house or in an apartment based on your preferences when it comes to your daily routines and habits. You also need to have in mind your budget and how high can you go. It´s not always easy knowing what is the best thing, but with careful thought and planning, everything can be resolved. Look at the bright side and enjoy the fact that you will soon have a new and exciting space to spend your time in.