5+ Simple Effective Ways to Make your New Home More Relaxing After Moving In

You’ve recently moved into a new house a want it to look cozier and more zen? Here are our super simple & effective ways to make your new home more relaxing after moving in to help you make a fresh start in your new home!

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After all the trouble and work you have been to while buying your new house, you’ll want to give it a very personal touch too. Every house has its own energy that you can feel right after entering, so you make sure yours is in line with what you personally perceive as warm and inviting.

Combine Different Styles of Furniture

Most people decide to go with a huge couch first, and use other bulky pieces of furniture to make the room feel less empty. But decorating your new home is not about filling up a room, it’s about giving it a touch of your own (life)style.

Another mistake people tend to make is to buy all pieces of furniture from one place, which can look nice, but doesn’t show individual style. Try mixing things from different stores instead, and don’t be afraid to use different styles as well. It’s one of the things that make an a room feel special and inviting.

Decluttering Is Very Important if You Want to Make Your New Home More Relaxing After Moving In.

Remove unnecessary things from your desk to regain clarity.

It’s simple: you can’t give your new home new and fresh energy if you’re stacking up countless boxes old things you probably won’t use anyway. Decluttering is one of the easiest ways to add zen to your new home. Why?

More space is going to make your new place feel bigger;

It will make room for a fresh start (you can fill the newly created space with new things, but you don’t have to – having bright and open spaces is definitely going to make your new home more relaxing after moving in);

It’s going to be a cheap and still very effective change.

One important task is to get rid of things you haven’t used in a long time and things you probably won’t use any time soon.

Another great way to open up your space and still do some kind of decluttering is to lock unnecessary items (including decoration) away. Having too much of it on display can easily make your home look like a flea market. And there is nothing cozy about that!

So, clean up your desk, your countertops, and the 50 figurines on your piano and see how it changes the room. If you have a large number of small items, replace them with one bigger item – plants, flowers or candle arrangements for example. It’ll open up the space and help you regain clarity.

Choose Zen Colors

People perceive colors differently, so choose colors that are zen to you. Many people find earth colors, such as gray, white, beige or pink to be very relaxing. Mixing these colors with different shapes and fabrics can create an amazing environment full of coziness and warmth.

If you’re having trouble deciding which colors to use for your new home, you should check out Buzzfeed’s cool list of colors you can use for making your home more relaxing and how to combine them properly.

In any case, zen is what you define. For example, Lisa Elaine Held states that using neutral colors or different shades of blue is a great way to add zen to your home. This is why, she says, spas don’t use bright colors and stick to bluish tones.

What makes all of these colors great is that you can mix them with bright colors to create a contrast, which will make it look super modern.

Remove Electronics from Your Bedroom

Many people can’t live without TV’s, tablets, computers and check their phone all the time. Having all or some of these items in your bedroom is an absolute no go if you’re looking to create a zen kind of home. Let go of them and let your bedroom be a place to relax and find peace in. You’ll sleep better and feel more energized by leaving them out of the bedroom.

Use Good Scents

Aromatherapy is a very powerful way to add zen to your new home. It’ll make it feel cozier, fresher and can create that instant home-sweet-home feeling. Just think of spas or beauty salons – good scents play a big role in these calming and relaxing atmospheres.

To add a lovely scent to your new home, try scented candles, or – if you want to do some zen magic yourself – try making a diffuser yourself! It’s really easy, cheap and much more fun than buying one at the store. Here’s a quick tutorial for a super cool and super effective homemade diffuser that will give your home an amazingly fresh smell for a long time!

Add Plants and Flowers

  • make your new home more relaxing

Add plants and flowers to zen up your new home

Plants and flowers have a very calming and soothing effect. The entire room will feel more alive and plants create beautiful color contrasts. Also, they can help clearing the air and getting rid of toxins. Go green!

Decorate With Things You Love and Things That Make You Feel Great

After buying a new house, you’ll have to give your new home a personal touch and make sure it reflects you and your passions. Surround yourself with things that carry a meaning and that are somehow important to you and which make you feel great. These precious memories are what creates warmth and makes your new home more loving and more relaxing after moving in. Place them all over your new home and soak up the zen magic they create!