Making a moving inventory: useful guide

When people think about moving, a couple of things come to mind. Packing, trucks, bubble wrap… They often think about how to avoid scams when moving, but they don’t think about making a moving inventory. And then, in the end, when things go missing, no one knows whose fault is it. Regardless if you have friend helping you or you have hired someone, your move is your responsibility. Will the things arrive on time? Have I packed everything I need? Did I get enough boxes? These are your belongings and they are your responsibility. That is why making a moving inventory is your job as well. Besides, who else know what are you relocation and what goes to trash. No one can know better than you that you hope that ugly vase will break in transport, because you can’t throw it away, it was a gift.

Making a moving inventory in a few steps

How to make a moving inventory?

Why is it important to make a moving inventory?

You might feel like you don’t have too many things. We are sorry to tell you, but you probably do. One of the biggest moving mistakes is underestimating the amount of things to be relocated. The more stuff you have the easier it is to loose them. Another thing that often happens is that things are misplaced, and often found when it is already too late. Moving industry is quite famous fro shady companies and untrustworthy partners, but even with the best of them, accidents happen. Chances are you will not find out, nor will they, until the damage is irreparable. So why put yourself through all this mess? Moving is so stressful, try to avoid anything that will increase that. Making a moving inventory will definitely help you to avoid any mishap.

Who will use this moving inventory?

The purpose of making a moving inventory is not to loose any of your possessions during a move. That is why it should be used by anyone who is taking part in this process. That means everyone in charge for packing, transport, relocation and delivery. And anything and everything in between. Although the inventory will most likely be created by you, you should consult everyone in charge of the transportation. They should know the quantity and the quality of the things they are transporting. This is especially important for fragile items, that require special attention. That is why making a moving inventory is the best way for both sides to participate.

When should I make my moving inventory?

Making a moving inventory - ideas

Is making a moving inventory really that important?

Your moving inventory should be made before the moving day arrives, but you need to go through it with the people in charge of the move. They need to be aware of everything on the list and complaint that they are in charge of all of that possessions, nothing less and nothing more. This is the best way to avoid any conflict in the end. You should start making moving inventory only after you have removed from your home everything that you won’t relocate. This is the only way to avoid doing the double work for nothing. Also, while you are making your inventory, you will see if there is anything you might need in your new home, that you don’t have here, as well as what can you throw away or donate. As you will see throughout this article, making a moving inventory has a lot of benefits.

How should my moving inventory look like?

Making moving inventory depends on the needs you and the company you chose have. It is also different based on the type of belongings you are transporting. There is no special way it should look like, or the colors and numbers of rows you should use. It should most certainly reflect your needs and enable you to keep track of your belonging easily. One idea you could use is using colored sheets, and then tagging the box with the same color. For example, green is for kitchen – inventory paper is green, and every box with things from the kitchen has a green tab on it.

How detailed should the moving inventory be?

Like we mentioned before, the moving inventory does not have a strict form. You can also decide how detailed do you want it to be. Regardless, there are a few things you should include, based on your needs and the specifics of your relocation. See here some examples

  • You should have a detailed explanation of every item, in case the need arises for it
  • Every item should have its market value written down, so in case something gets lost you can easily end the dispute with your moving company
  • Items that require special treatment should also have that noted in the inventory
  • You should separate your inventory by rooms or at least by items (books, shoes), so it would be easier to navigate
  • If possible, make the inventory in a form of an excel, so it would be easier for you to take out data
  • Have someone help you to make the moving inventory, in case you missed something

Is making a moving inventory really necessary?

Well, depends on how you look at it. If it is necessary for you to have a successful move, than yes. Making a moving inventory enables you to keep track of your things, for starters. If the moving company agrees with it, it will help you to quickly end any dispute you might have. It will also help you organize your new home when you get there and manage the rest of your move much easier. Although it takes a lot of time to make an inventory of everything you own, and you will probably get demotivated in the process have in mind how helpful it can be. Without it, it will be almost impossible to prove when something goes missing. So, roll up your sleeves and start counting.