Most affordable places to buy a home in Florida

A lot of people are thinking of moving to Florida these days. Beaches, swimming, football – is there anything else to desire? Florida gives you all of that, but also cheap housing and a good job market. Nice weather is also something that attracts a lot of people, so they decide to buy a house to rent or live there. In this text, you’ll find out what are the most affordable places to buy a home in Florida and what it would be like to live there?

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Looking for the most affordable places to buy a home in Florida? We’ll help you out!

Why relocate and buy a house in Florida?

If you plan on moving to Florida, there are some things you should know. Basically here are some reasons why you should move to Florida and buy a home there.

  • a great advantage of living in Florida is that there is no state income tax
  • rents and house prices are lower than in some other states
  • beach activities are all around you, along with dolphins and water sports
  • weather is warm all year round
  • many local attractions are free or discounted for Florida’s residents
  • affordable life in general
  • great job opportunities, especially in tourism,

However, there are some things you might not like about Florida. There are some cons of living there you should be aware of:

  • Even though the weather is fine all year round, sometimes hurricanes and high humidity can spoil the fun
  • You’ll be seeing a lot more tourists than in some other states

If you like mountain activities – Florida doesn’t have a lot to offer since it is quite “flat”.

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The Sunny State has a lot to offer if you are looking for affordable places to buy a home in Florida

Where should you buy a home in Florida?

The place where you will buy a home solely depends on your preferences and needs.  One thing is for sure, you won’t lack the options and choices. From Jacksonville to Miami, you will find a lot of cities that will suit your needs. However, if you are looking for an affordable option, take a look at the following text.

What are the most affordable places to buy a home in Florida?

With no income state tax and low housing rates, Florida is a favorite destination of many. Here are some of the top affordable places to buy a home in Florida.


Being the central part of Florida makes Orlando the top destination both for people who move and tourists. It is probably one of the most popular and most visited areas of the state. However, this city is also one of the affordable places to buy a home in Florida. The median home price is around $170,000 and you can choose from many of its beautiful neighborhoods. Orlando offers a diverse population and with a great employment situation and many recreation choices, which makes it a popular place to live in Florida.


Kissimmee has been a popular tourist attraction. The reason for that is for sure the fact that is the home to one of the top amusement parks – the Disney World. Even so, this city is also one of the affordable places to buy a home in Florida, so you should definitely consider it if you want to buy a home there. The city is connected to the important highways, so it makes it easy to travel and commute to work if necessary.

Panama City

With the population of around 36,000, Panama City is a place to enjoy relaxed, slow lifestyle. Average home price is around $ 158,000, which makes it a quite affordable place to buy a home in Florida. The city offers a growing job market, and a lot of attractive beaches to enjoy during your days off.


This culturally diverse city has a larger population – around  880,600. It makes it one of the largest cities in Florida, but definitely, it’s not the most expensive one. The median home price is around $150,000 and if you decide to move here, you’ll enjoy a lot of great recreation options. The weather is almost always beach-ready, so you can spend your weekends playing water sports and soaking the sun, or enjoying other family activities. We advise visiting the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for a lot of nature fun!

Palm Coast

The city of Palm Coast is perfect if you look for a quiet and affordable place to buy a home in Florida. The city’s location offers the perfect weather, less risky when it comes to hurricanes. That’s why a lot of people choose Palm Coast as the perfect place to spend their retirement days. The sunshine and beaches are just a bonus to the situation.

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Relocation to Florida is a step you need to plan and organize, with the help of professionals

Moving to Florida? Here’s how to do it.

Moving to another state is always a stress. People are usually not ready for such a big step and they face the process unprepared and confused. How to pack? How to transport my items? What to do when I arrive? All of these are questions that you can get answers to if you contact The professional moving company will handle your items with care, both for local or long-distance relocation.

Even though it is easy to DIY the moving process, the risks are inevitable. So before you move, find a home using our guide to affordable homes in Florida. Then, sort your items and declutter to reduce the moving costs and bring only the necessary things. Florida isn’t expensive, so many of your old items can be replaced easily after you arrive. This way you will unpack more easily, pay less for the moving and enjoy your new, refreshed home in Florida. After you sort your home out and unpack, it is only left to go around the city you just moved in and meet your new neighbors. Enjoying Florida’s sun is also something that should be a priority after you move. Enjoy!