Most popular home styles in Cincinnati 2022 edition

A walk or drive through almost any city in the world will reveal that certain styles of houses are popular there. This is very obvious wherever you go. So, have you ever wondered which homes styles are popular in Cincinnati this year? Stick with us and find out, as we have put together a list of the most popular home styles in Cincinnati, 2022 edition.

Colonial homes

With Ohio’s proximity to the Northeast, it is inevitable that Colonial architecture is popular there. Cincinnati is particularly fond of 19th century colonial style houses. So, what makes a home Colonial? Colonial homes are always two storied, with very decorative and symmetrical designs. Also of note are columns in the fa├žade and pitched roofs. If you plan to move into one, you should carefully put together a time for moving day. Colonial homes are very pretty and it’s no surprise they are popular in Cincinnati.

Inside of colonial style home
Colonial houses are spacious and beautiful, so it makes sense why they are still popular.

Industrial lofts

A lot of Ohio’s cities, Cincinnati included, were home to former factories and industrial buildings which have been converted. Industrial lofts have become popular due to their modern style and appeal, and young adults favor these in particular because they are typical large enough for only one or two individuals. The main features of an industrial loft are: high ceilings, exposed brick and open layouts, and all of this inside converted factories or other industrial buildings. However, due to their size, living in an industrial loft comes with a lack of storage space. As such, experts from Strong-Ass movers recommend decluttering aggressively before moving into one.

Craftsman homes

A classic style beloved throughout Cincinnati. They are known for their intricate handiwork and details. They were made as a direct response to Victorian homes, which focused more on manufactured details, Craftsman homes instead focus more on handmade detailing. These are the most common type of home in Cincinnati. These homes include: covered front porches, exposed and detailed rafter rails, tapered columns, overhanging roof eaves and large, single dormers on the roof. It’s easy to see why you would want to move into a Craftsman style home. However, you should be aware of hidden moving costs, no matter what kind of home you’re moving into.

View of craftsman style home
Craftsman style homes are functional and stylish.

Contemporary homes

Modern, contemporary homes have been getting more and more popular in Cincinnati. Open layouts, forward-thinking designs, flat roofing and straight lines. The use of concrete, metal and glass are also a staple, along with minimal intricacy in details. Modern homes are popular because of their adaptability. They can large from small to massive, and are suitable for families. Really, you can’t go wrong with moving into a modern home. Although, you should make sure to hire reliable and experienced movers to help you get moved in, especially if you’re moving over a long distance. A reliable team of movers can ensure the easy transfer of all your possessions, without any delays.

Cincinnati is home a lot of different and beautiful styles of homes. But, whichever you decide to move into, you can’t go wrong with any of them. All you should worry about, really, is getting to know your new neighbors. We hope you found this list of the most popular home styles in Cincinnati, 2022 edition useful.