Moving for retirement – NY edition

When you think about living in New York City, your first association is probably all the hustle and bustle of a busy city. That is absolutely true if we are talking about Manhattan. However, there is a lot to New York City than that. There are five different boroughs which offer different kind of lifestyles. It all depends on your preferences, and of course, how much you are willing to spend. Also, when moving for the retirement you have to consider factors like easy access to healthcare, senior social activities, as well as practical concerns. So, without further ado, let us mention why here for retirement is actually pretty great and how to move to New York with ease.

Prepare For the Move

First things first, you will need some advice for your upcoming move to NYC. That means hiring professionals to help relocate your belongings safely and on time. You will not be able to move all by yourself without help with packing, loading, transferring and heavy lifting. And instead of forcing your entire family to do the job for you, let movers handle it. You should use that free time to say goodbye and spend some quality time with friends and family members. Moreover, before the moving truck arrives, make sure that you decluttered and downsized. Moving for retirement in New York City means living in a rather small apartment where you probably have no place to spare.

People moving furniture - moving for retirement

Having professional help will enable your moving for retirement go as smoothly as possible.

Downsizing is a Must!

Let us make something clear Рliving in New York City means living with as little as possible. Rent is expensive, and you probably do not want to waste your money on big apartments or houses. However, living in a small apartment has its perks, besides being affordable. You can use that money to enjoy some activities, to travel, or just do something that you always wanted, but never had a chance. So, before the move, call your family members, and let them help you downsize and declutter. Bring only what is necessary.  All the big pieces of furniture you can either sell or give away. But, keep in mind that most apartments in New York City do not come equipped with furniture when you rent them, so you will need to bring something with you. Also, if looking for moving assistance for senior citizens, you have to start early. That and decluttering and downsizing can last longer than you think.

a man moving boxes

Bring only valuable or things that have sentimental value. Do not worry about the rest. It can be given away, sold, or donated.

Choose Your New Neighborhood Wisely

Before moving, you have to research your options. There is plenty to choose from. Before you start your relocation check the NYC real estate. Most seniors when moving for retirement tend to sell their homes and live in smaller apartments. It is more practical, more convenient and of course, cheaper. So, here are some of the best New York City neighborhoods for retirement:

  • Upper East Side – This neighborhood moves slower than the rest of Manhattan. It is also called ‘the suburb within the city’, but a lot cheaper. There are many apartments for renting which are all close to supermarkets and train stations. Streets are clean and safe, thus perfect for leisure walking. Moreover, there is a number of museums and cafes where seniors can enjoy.
  • Murray Hill – This is a neighborhood loved both by seniors and children. So, when they come to visit, you will have trouble getting rid of them. It is one of the safest neighborhoods with a lot of green surfaces and parks. If you have pets, this should be your best option. Moreover, buildings here are relatively new and always well maintained.
  • Battery Park City – This if for those seniors who still feel young at heart. It is located in Tribeca, and very close to all the happenings in Manhattan. So, there is no chance of missing out on something. But, what makes it different from other Manhattan areas is that it is really safe and peaceful.

Prepare the New Home

Either a house or just an apartment, your new home needs some adjustments before you start living there. Ask family to help you out when settling in. Unpack and put your furniture where it belongs.  However, this is not a regular move, you have to think about safety as well. So, start adjusting your new home to your new needs. You should install night lamps if your vision is not really good. Also, think about rearranging your bathroom. You can install a walk-in bathtub, and add safety rails and stool for seating in the tub. Moreover, if you have not transferred your utilities yet, now is the right time. How you will arrange your new home depends on your needs, just make sure that you live close to your family and a hospital. Also, try to find a home that is really close to supermarkets, parks as well as other people.

An elderly man stretching in the park

Having a park nearby is a great amenity.

Activities For Seniors in New York

If you retired it does not have to mean that you have to be bored every day. Moving for retirement means in New York means participating in many activities. New York is suitable for all generations, and there are plenty of things to do around here to have fun.

  • Join a senior meetup group – these groups focus on helping seniors as well as providing them with great activities. And if you do not feel like playing chess or doing elderly yoga, you can simply have a conversation with other members of the group.
  • Go to the Bronx Botanical Garden – a place where you can experience the most beautiful flora in the world.
  • Visit the Museum of Natural History¬† – you can walk here for hours without being disturbed
  • Participate in the Senior Splash – an organized event where seniors join many water activities.