Moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait on a budget

So you’re about to start a new chapter in your life, moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait? That’s so exciting! Traveling across the world and settling down in such a beautiful country is an amazing thing to do. If not before, you’ll become aware of that when your plane is about to land in the Kuwait City at night for the first time and you see the city from above. Coming from New York, you probably think that no city lights will ever impress you. You’ve seen it all, right? Well, wait until you see Kuwait City! But before any of that actually happens, you need to think about moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait and you need to do so on a budget.

Hold on, “Kuwait” and “on a budget” put together? Is that even possible? Oh, yes it is! Read on and you’ll find out how to do it. Or get in touch with

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Moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait? Exciting times ahead!

Plan your move

  • Decide what to take with you and what to live behind

When moving across the world and doing so on a budget, you must leave most of your belongings behind. But what would you really need to bring with you anyway? Do you really need to take your furniture all the way from Brooklyn to Kuwait? Or all your favorite books? Opt for digital copies instead. And start preparing for packing early. It will take you at least a few weeks to get rid of everything you no longer need.

  • Things to know about your wardrobe when moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait

You may think this is very clear: bring all your summer clothes and leave all your warm clothes behind. But things are far from being that simple. Here’s the first tip: you’ll need some warm clothes January temperature in Kuwait go as low as 45 F (at night).

At the same time, you may leave your California-style summer clothes back in the US. If you’re female, crop tops and daisy dukes are not something you’re supposed to wear in Kuwait (unless on the beach or by the pool – but only there). While there’s no official dress code in Kuwait for expats, there are supposed to dress modestly. Men should avoid showing their stomach and thighs. Women are supposed not to show cleavage or bare shoulders and to wear skirts or shorts that are above the knee level or longer. So if you have long dresses and skirts in your wardrobe, bring them on. Any modest, loose light-weight clothing would do as well when moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait.

  • Consider shipping your stuff

When you decide what things you’ll take to your new home, consider shipping them instead of paying extra baggage fees when flying. It’s usually cheaper to transport them that way when moving to KW from the USA.

Office in Kuwait City

There are great job opportunities for expats in Kuwait.

What happens when you get to Kuwait?

Kuwait’s dinar is the world’s most expensive currency. That actually means it’s the highest world currency against the US dollar. However you put it, you get a picture – Kuwait is a very rich country. Expats who choose to move to Kuwait enjoy excellent job opportunities and first-class living conditions. And even though it’s not a cheap country overall, there are some things that are less expensive than in the US.

What’s less expensive in Kuwait

  • There’s no income tax in Kuwait, so you take home all you earn. One of the greatest perks when moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait.
  • Petrol is cheap and cars are not expensive either. Having a car while living there is not something you would need to stretch your budget for. Which is a great news as having a car in Kuwait is highly recommended (just like it is in many US cities).
  • Electronic and white goods are slightly less expensive. Some more good news, you’ll be able to settle down easily.
  • Electricity, gas, and water are all relatively cheap as well.
  • Mobile phones are also less expensive than in Europe.
  • Public schools are actually free, even for children of some expats – namely, those working in the government sector.
  • Locally produced vegetables and fruit, meat, and bread, seafood, and fish are all quite inexpensive, but the imported food is a lot pricier.
Car registration number - something you will need to get after moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait

Welcome to Kuwait!

What are the most expensive items in Kuwait

  • Accommodation is the biggest expense for any expat in Kuwait

It may be provided by your company or you may get an allowance for it. Its size and location depend on the job you have and the position you hold. To give you an idea, a one-bed apartment in Kuwait City costs KD300 (which is about $992) per month and a two-bed apartment rent is somewhere between KD320 and KD460 a month.

If you want to live in a furnished apartment with a swimming pool and access to a gym, the rent is about KD650 per month. To afford to live in a beautiful villa, you should know that two- and three-bedroom villas cost from KD550 to KD700 per month. We’re talking about unfurnished properties here and if you want a furnished home, you should add 25% to their accommodation costs.

If you’re looking for some cheaper accommodation, look outside of the city center. A one-bedroom apartment in Salmiya costs from KD230 to KD280.

  • Schools in the private sector and after-school activities are not cheap in Kuwait.

For this reason, expats usually request and get their children’s education expenses covered as part of their relocation package. Since you’re coming from Brooklyn, you’d probably be happy to learn there are various schools to choose from in Kuwait City, such as English and American, but also Filipino and Pakistani. School fees in the private sector may be about KD1,000 (which is about $3,300).

  • Fine dining is not cheaper either – but it’s amazing!

Kuwait is known as a culinary paradise and its dining scene has a very strong game. There’s a wide range of restaurants to choose from.

Moving from Brooklyn to Kuwait can be done on a budget. You just need to plan ahead and make sure to stick to the budget you set yourself. Enjoy your time in the desert and by the sea while in Kuwait!