Moving from house to NYC apartment – how to adjust

It is very common to find it hard to adjust to your new place. Especially if you replaced the commodity in your suburban house with an apartment in a more urban place like New York City. In this article, we will present you with some tips and tricks on how to adjust after moving from house to NYC apartment. So get your spirits up because that process is not as hard as you thought it would be.

Preparing and organizing the relocation

There are a lot of reason why you are moving from house to New York City apartment. Whether it is because college, career or simply starting a new life, it can be hard to adjust if you do not know what to do. You are about to change that much space you had in your old house with something smaller and compact. But do not worry, just follow these steps and your transition will be much easier than you initially thought it would be.  Before getting into that relocation process you should consider hiring moving assistance in NYC. That can help your adjustment a lot since they can easily give you a lot of pieces of advice on how to move.

Girl writing about moving from house to NYC apartment in notebook

Preparation can ease your adjustment period

Few days before the move

Now comes the part where you have to pack and prepare for your relocation. As mentioned, you will probably have a lot of stuff with you. It is very important to prioritize whats important and what isn’t. You are moving to a smaller apartment so you do not need all the items you had in your old home. Organize a yard sale before moving from house to NYC apartment! It is a great way to get rid of some household items you won’t need in your new place. You can also donate them to either your friends or to some humanitarian organization. As for food, the best idea is to start some cookout with friends and just use as much as you can. Organizing a cookout and a farewell party at the same time sounds like a good way not to throw away excess food. Of course, you can also donate food as well. For anything else, search for reliable and affordable movers and storage companies in Brooklyn.

Moving from house to NYC apartment – how to?

Your decision is final and what separates you from your new place is just days. But before that, there is a process of apartment hunting. There are few tricks and guides to buying an apartment in Brooklyn, that you can hang on if you wish to make your search easier, such as:

Bunch of books for sale

Organize a yard sale before moving from house to NYC apartment

There are actually a lot of good neighborhoods. Every neighborhood has its pros and cons, it all depends on what you are searching for. And the prices can vary depending on location. Be careful though, landlords and brokers can present you with more „colored picture“ of the place than it actually is. Do a research by yourself and find out first hand about the place you would eventually live in.

Local public transportation – this plays a major role in the desirability of the apartment. Closer it is to the subway, the cheaper it gets. We don’t have to mention the constant noise and vibrations you would get from trains. But other public transports are a big plus. Especially if they are close enough.

Food options in your neighborhoods also play a great role. If you do not want to cook you should have a lot of options for takeouts. Also, various grocery stores in your vicinity raise the rent prices.

Nearby schools – If you are moving from house to NYC apartment with your family, of course, it will be important how close the school is to you.

Is your neighborhood safe? – This question comes very often. No one wants to live in “danger zone”, especially with kids. So make sure your future place is located in a safe part of the town.

Moving into a small apartment 

Buildings with a closed fence

Always search for safer places

Supposedly you already found your perfect place for living in New York City, and now you need to organize it to your liking. It is not spacious as a house but that doesn’t matter. There are a lot of guidelines for designing small apartments to your wishes. For example, always search for smart furniture in your local furniture store. Foldable tables, chairs etc, that won’t be used that often are perfect for storing away and saving space. Built-in ironing tables, beds, and other tables are perfect choices when you live in small apartments.Remember, those household items are most probably made for 2 people. The quality of those kinds of items changes a lot if it is built for the larger amount of people.  If you already know how you want to design your new place, it won’t hurt to remind you how important is to have the right tools for renovating. Not having the right ones can only lead to damaging your new home, because most of them are not built that sturdy. Make sure you checked what essential tools you need for DIY home redecoration.

Check out the video below for some DIY home redecoration ideas.

living room with furniture

Consider giving away or selling big furniture

What to do with big furniture 

While we are speaking about furniture it is good to mention that you won’t need large furniture as you did in your old house. It will only take too much space and it will cost you more to move them to your desired new location. It may be for the best if you sell them or give them away to your family or friends.

We sincerely hope our little guideline helped you to better prepare yourself for such a transitional move. It is not easy to adjust to completely new lifestyle after moving from house to NYC apartment. But that does not mean it is completely impossible. If you absolutely want to be sure your moving process went well, you should check what professional movers from New York City offer to you. If you have any tips in adjusting please share them with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!