Moving out party ideas

The move is considered to be one of the most stressful times in our lives. Having to leave family members, friends, familiar places, and activities create sadness and anxiety for everyone involved in the relocation. It takes a lot of work to pack and prepare for the move. With so many things to be done, organizing a moving-out party might sound overwhelming. However, if you want to say goodbye to your friends and neighbors, that is the best way to show them how much they mean to you. You will celebrate your upcoming move and new beginnings together. So, here are some moving out party ideas to help you organize a farewell to remember. Later, you can use some of the apps to help you deal with homesickness easily.

Choose a place

Moving out parties do not need to be expensive or formal. You could use your own home or a party room in your building, or make a group reservation at your favorite bar.

a backyard lunch party
Backyard is a perfect place for a moving out party

Make a list

The fun starts with planning and moving out party ideas. Make a list with all the details that you think you will need to take into account: what you have to buy for food and drink, decoration, guests, music, and how to organize before the move itself This will prevent you from missing something important.


Make a guest list and send invitations few weeks in advance to everyone you want to attend. You can do it through social networks, providing information about the place, day, and time of the moving out party. This way your guests will be able to confirm if they are coming and you will organize yourself better. If you create a social media group, you will be able to share photos, experiences, videos and stay in touch in the future. It is fun and a good way to keep everyone up to date.

People taking selfies as one of moving out party ideas.
Create lasting memories!

Get some help

In case you are making a moving out party at your home or in a party room, and you don’t have time to organize everything in detail, you can ask for help. Let everyone bring something, like snacks, drinks, music, etc. You can take care of the decoration and the main dish if you want. As you will need time and energy for organizing your move, it is better to ask for help and enjoy a good, laid-back party.

Make things easy

Set up a table and put the snacks, food, and drinks within everyone’s reach so that they can be served to their liking. That way, you can relax and enjoy the conversation with your guests.

Ask for convenient gifts

If your family member and friends would like to bring you some farewell gifts, feel free to ask them for something you actually need. Gift cards for home stores are a good idea. Relocations are expensive and such help will come in handy. You will also be able to redeem them and get what you need when you move to your new place without carrying additional items with you.

Finally, enjoy your moving out party! Be one more guest at your own party, eat, drink and dance. Stay positive and look forward to your exciting new life. Create memories with your family members and friends with these moving out party ideas that will last forever.