Moving to Canada – guide for expats

An international relocation is a major life-changing event in any future expat’s life. Planning the moving process and preparing to live in a foreign country at the same time can be overwhelming. Moving to Canada will require detailed planning and various relocation tasks. Even though it may sound like a complicated and time-consuming process you can avoid any moving stress by creating a well-organized moving plan.

The good news is that you don’t have to it all on your own! By hiring professional and reputable movers you can relocate to Canada hassle-free! Find a moving company that can help you move to Canada with ease and take care of your relocation according to your deadline and needs. Therefore, while your mover deals with packing and transportation you can focus on planning the next big step in your career and life.

the map of Canada

Canada is a great country for expats

In order to make the whole process much easier for you, we have created an all-you-need-to-know guide on moving to Canada with ease.

Reasons for moving to Canada

Canada is well known as a welcoming country that attracts young professionals and students from all over the World. What makes that many people move there?


Canada is one of the safest countries in the World. Crime is not tolerated and gun ownership is not being easily approved. With low crime rates and high level of safety, Canada is a great place to move to and raise a family.


Canada is a tolerant and one of the most diverse countries in the World. It is the home to many important global civil rights movements. Its multiculturality and the open-minded community make Canada a perfect place for an expat.

A strong economy and a great healthcare system

Canada has a strong and secure economy. It is, also, one of the top-ranked countries in the World by the quality of life. There are many great career opportunities and Canada is welcoming skilled workers from around the globe.

The healthcare system is easily accessible and free for the Candian residents. Depending on a visa type, an expat might be eligible to apply for a health card. Therefore, make sure you research health insurance options prior to relocating to Canada.

Highly ranked educational institutions

a graduation cap

Canada has many top-rated universities

Canada is the home to some of the best universities in the World. Besides offering top class education opportunities, Canadian universities have much lower fees than the one in the United States. Low tuitions and great job opportunities are the main reasons why so many foreign students enroll each year to some of many Canadian colleges and universities.

The relocation plan for moving to Canada

Each international relocation is unique. Therefore it requires a detailed and tailored moving guide. In order to avoid any relocation stress, you should start planning your move a few months in advance. By having enough time to plan and execute the move you will be able to avoid overlooking any important tasks and move quickly and safely.

Use the following steps to create a personalized moving plan that will fit your specific relocation requirements:

  • Apply for a visa and get familiar with the important customs’ regulations.
  • Find the perfect housing in advance when moving to Canada.
  • Hire a reputable moving company.
  • Make a packing plan.
  • Prepare for the moving day and double check your plan.

Applying for a Canadian visa

Canada has various visa options. As you might be eligible for more than one make sure you research and apply in advance. Get familiar with the visa process. Keep in mind that being approved for a visa is a process that may require more time than anticipated. Therefore, make sure you gather all of the paperwork needed and consult a licensed immigrational agency. Even though applying for a visa on your own will help you save money, a knowledgeable immigration consultant may help you save much valuable time during the process.

a visa stamp

Apply for visa in advance

Get informed on an international moving process as well. There are many great online resources that can help you find a moving company and prepare for the move. Make sure you find the reliable ones, like that will be able to provide you with updated and valid information

Rent a house or an apartment in advance

Are you looking for a place to stay for a few weeks while you search for the perfect housing or want to find a more permanent solution right away? Whatever the case may be, make sure you research the international real estate market in Canada in advance.

Move safely- Hire reliable international movers

Avoid fraudulent movers by doing a thorough research of their reputability. Find a few moving companies you like and check their reliability by searching for the online reviews and ratings. Make sure their services can meet your relocation needs. Ask your mover for a quote and check for any hidden fees.  With a professional mover, there shouldn’t be any red flags. A reliable international mover will be able to quickly and safely relocate your belongings to Canada.

a truck moving to canada

Find a moving company that will be able to meet all of your requirements

Packing for an international relocation

When moving to a foreign country you need to evaluate the belongings you want to move to your new home. Avoid overpacking by creating a detailed packing plan. Relocate only the belongings you need and use. Therefore, you will cut the moving expenses and avoid cluttering your new home. Make sure the belongings you leave back home are safe by finding a secure storage solution.

Is there anything else to do?

Avoid any mistakes by double checking you plan when moving to Canada. Create a pre-move to-do list of tasks. This way you will be able to prepare for the moving day properly. Pack an essential box for the move. Pack your documents and make sure you don’t overlook anything important by following your checklist. You can, also, ask your mover for help and additional moving tips and hints. Make sure you stay safe by dressing properly for the moving day. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and use protective gear.