Moving to Harlem 101

Thinking about moving to an NYC that has a distinct African-American vibe? Want to live in a place where jazz clubs and soul food are abundant? Then Harlem is the place for you. But, in order to successfully move to Harlem, you will need to prepare. Luckily, we are here to give you a comprehensive guide on what you need to do in order to make Harlem your new home. So, let us not dilly dally, and let’s see what moving to Harlem is all about.

Prepare for moving to Harlem

Moving to Harlem is all about proper preparations. Whether you are moving to Harlem from another NYC neighborhood, or if you were moving from a distant city to NYC. There is no relocation without preparation. Therefore, let us go over the necessary steps for a successful relocation to Harlem.

Visit Harlem

You can, and should, spend a lot of time researching Harlem. The neighborhood has changed over the years, and you should look into how much does it cost to live there and how much you should expect to pay for an apartment. But, in order to get a real idea of living in Harlem, you need to visit it. By visiting Harlem you will be able to see first hand what awaits you. No online article can substitute the first-hand experience. Even if you have lived in NYC for a while, visit Harlem before you move. Try doing so at a different time of day and week in order to see what Harlem lifestyle is like.

Harlem neighborhood
You need to visit Harlem in order to get the right idea of what living in it is going to be like.

DIY vs hiring movers

Some of you may consider moving to Harlem on your own. And, yes, a DIY relocation is possible, but it can be extremely difficult. You not only need to have the necessary equipment, but you need to know people who are willing and capable of helping you out. So, it is most likely that your best bet is to simply find moving professionals in Harlem, NY and let them deal with your relocation. They will be able to relocate you more efficiently than you ever could on your own. Plus, once you tally up all the expenses, they will probably cost you less then if you were to DIY it. So, unless you are quite experienced at moving and you have all the necessary resources, hire local Harlem movers to relocate you.

Looking for movers

In order to find good movers, you need to know how to look. If you are in NY, your best bet is to look for local Harlem movers. They know the neighborhood inside out, which is why they will be able to most efficiently relocate you. If, on the other hand, you are moving to Harlem from far away, you need to find movers that are experienced with NY. Driving around NYC is a skill in itself which is why you need to find experienced movers. Once you’ve contacted a moving company talk with them in order to figure out if they know NYC. Do not risk working with movers who have never moved a client to NYC.

Moving plans

Many factors can determine the cost of your move. Sure, the number of items that you have and the logistics of your relocation will play a big role. But, so will timing and your flexibility. The more time you can give your movers to deal with your relocation, the less it is going to cost. This is especially true if you ask professionals to move your piano or some other cumbersome item. If your movers have enough time to plan your relocation they can figure out when to schedule it so that it is the cheapest. Moving during the weekdays and winter can be twice as cheap as moving during the summer or weekend. So, try and be flexible with your timing, and see the cost of moving drop.

People planing their move to Harlem
Only with careful planning can moving to Harlem be efficient and cheap.


The one part of moving to Harlem that you can and should deal with on your own is packing. By studying a packing guide and starting on time, you can properly and safely pack yourself. Too many people jeopardize their relocation by not packing properly. They think of it as something that won’t take long and that is easy to do. Meanwhile, improper packing is the most common cause of moving accidents. If you don’t want to pack, fine. Contact movers so that they can pack you. But, do not attempt to do it and then do a poor job. Do yourself and your movers a favor and make sure that you are packed tight.

Moving day

Once you are done with moving preparations, all that is left is to tackle moving. Now, if you have reliable movers helping you out, the moving itself will be easy. All you need to do is to follow the moving plan you have outlined with your movers and listen to their guidelines. Trust your movers to want you to have the best possible relocation.

A person being stressed out over moving to Harlem.
Moving is going to be stressful, no matter how much you prepare.

What you can do to help yourself is to avoid needless moving stress. Moving is going to be stressful, no matter how much you prepare for it. But, if you keep in mind that there are bound to be some moving mishaps, and if you give yourself enough time to deal with them, you will avoid a lot of stress. Also, remember to keep your health up. Moving to Harlem is difficult as it is. Moving while sick is ten times more difficult. So, remember to have a balanced diet and to get enough sleep. Moving day will be much easy if you feel healthy and energetic.