Moving to NYC – is it for you?

Have you decided to move to NYC? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Here we will try and give you some pros and cons for living in NYC that maybe will change your decision to move, or it will make it even stronger. Moving to NYC is not for everyone. Fast paste life can make you anxious and nervous, or maybe it can make you the happiest you have ever been. That is why you ought to gather some info about this city and its boroughs.

Moving to NYC-boroughs

Everybody knows that New York has five very famous boroughs. Every one of those five boroughs has something that distinguished it from the other.

  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Staten Island
  • Queens

These are the five boroughs that NYC has. Which one would suit you the best. Moving to NYC means that you will be living in of these five places. If nothing else JLo made the Bronx pretty famous. Brooklyn is becoming the IT borough. Manhattan is Manhattan. Staten Island has something that none of these boroughs has, it is an island and you take a ferry to go to it. It is definitely like a city of its own. And last, but not least, Queens- the biggest borough of all five. These are just some characteristics of these great boroughs. Stay tuned.


Let’s start from Manhattan. The reason why we are starting from Manhattan is that for now, it is the most popular borough of five. We say for now because Brooklyn is threating to de-throne Manhattan. Manhattan is definitely the most expensive borough to live in. You have to be in a pretty good financial situation if you want to live here, in some apartment that is at least average. However, if you feel like that the state of the apartment is not important for you at this point, then you can go by, with somewhat less money. Living on a budget in New York is possible, but not quite sure if it is possible in Manhattan. You should always try if you have the desire for such an adventure, it can be a true challenge.

Streets of Manhattan

Manhattan is the most desirable destination and most expensive part of NYC


Brooklyn is really special. The bad reputation that this borough used to have seems like it was never there. Nowadays people are running to live in this borough. It has so much to offer, a lot has changed since the Brooklyn was the least desirable place to live in. From good school and programs for youngsters to great jobs for young people that are yearning to have great careers. It is still possible to find a decent apartment with a decent rent here, however, as times change and Brooklyn is becoming more and more popular rent will soon be higher as well. The law of demand. So, if you are thinking about moving to NYC and you choose Brooklyn, then now is the time.

taxi on the street of Brooklyn

Living in Brooklyn is not cheap as it was in the past


Queens is the biggest borough in New York of all five. There is a number of reasons that Queen can be the place for you. First and foremost, Queens is not only the biggest borough of the five, but it is also the most diverse. A lot of people coming from different cultures will make you enjoy living in Queens. Also, one of the most important reasons to choose Queens if moving to NYC is that this is a place where you can rent a nice apartment for a reasonable price. What more can you ask for? Last but not least, let’s just mention the huge number of great restaurants with homemade food and pizza. Wherever you go in Queens you will never be hungry.


There are reasons to choose Bronx when moving to NYC. Those reasons are pretty simple. Again, as well as in Brooklyn you can find an affordable place to live, however, there are more reasons, not just that one. Let’s just say “Little Italy”. This is an Italian part in the Bronx, where you can eat authentic Italian food. You will feel just like you are in Italy. Not that this is not a reason enough, because it is, but you should also know that from the Bronx you can to any other borough in a matter of half an hour. Like a cherry on top of the cake. Also, Bronx has a somewhat bad reputation when it comes to crime rates, however, this is work in progress and day by day Bronx is becoming a very desirable place to live in.

Building in the Bronx

Bronx is the most affordable part of NYC

Staten Island

Staten Island is such a special place. It has to be because you are traveling on a ferry to get to it. It is definitely a great feeling. Even during the winter, you can go out on the deck and enjoy the view of beautiful New York from the river. Fun fact about the ferry is that is free of charge. Consider it as a free ride home, in other boroughs, there is no free cab. So, this is a plus. Another very important fact is that Staten Island is the safest borough of the five. So, just maybe this can be a perfect place for you if you are moving to NYC with family. Definitely, something to think about. Of course, Staten Island as other boroughs in New York has a great cousin, so from that side whatever borough you choose you are covered with some great food.

Moving to NYC means that you need to choose the borough you would like to start a new chapter in your life. Important to realize is that every borough has something special and it is very difficult to decide. However, give it some time, investigate and just then make your pick. Chances are that you won’t make a mistake if you do your homework. NYC is great either way, and it is all about the little things.