Moving to South Florida and buying a beach house

Whether you are searching to buy a home in FL as an investment and a vacation retreat or want to relocate permanently, buying a beach house and moving to South Florida will be a major purchase. In order to determine whether you future hometown will fit your lifestyle and whether the beach house is the best housing option for you, you will need to research the area in advance and get familiar with the moving process.

A beach to visit after moving to south Florida

Moving to South Florida will allow you to have an outdoorsy and healthy lifestyle

Reasons for moving to South Florida

Moving to South Florida, living by the ocean and enjoying the amazing sunsets each day is a dream come true for many Americans. However, even though Florida has beautiful beaches, that couldn’t be the only reason for this state to be one of the most popular moving destinations in the whole country. As there are many more pros for packing your bags and moving to a beach house, let’s take a quick look at the most important ones:

The weather

If you live in the northern part of the country and can’t deal with the cold winters anymore, maybe moving to Boca Raton could be the right choice. The Sunshine State earns its name with its great weather year round and temperatures that don’t go below 60 degrees. Therefore, when moving to South Florida, get rid of your winter coats and stack up on shorts and flip-flops!

The amazing outdoors

Florida is well known for its breathtaking beaches and amazing sunsets. However, Florida has so much more to offer to all of you that are searching for an outdoorsy lifestyle.  Therefore, if you ever get tired of the beaches, go and explore Florida`s nature. Camp, hike, bike or explore its amazing landscapes. If you want for enjoying the amazing scenery to become a part of your daily routine, consider relocating home to Sunny Isles. Living on an island that is located so close to the mainland will fit your needs and allow you to have a peaceful and outdoorsy lifestyle.

The diversity

Florida is a cultural melting point, and living there will give you an opportunity to get to know other cultures and make friends from all around the World without leaving your favorite cafe.

Job opportunities

Florida is a business-friendly state with a steady job market. If you are searching to take the next big step in your career, moving to South Florida might be a great call!

The entertainment options

Whether you are moving as a single or relocating with young children, Florida will be able to offer many great opportunities for you to have fun. From a vibrant nightlife, Disneyland and great outdoor destinations, Florida has it all! Whether you want to want to have an active day off and surf or paddleboat or maybe want to relax with a glass of great wine, you will be able to find the perfect place to do so.

Buying a beach house

A beach house in Florida

Make sure you buy the perfect beach house by inspecting it before making an offer

Drinking your morning coffee while enjoying an ocean view sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Even though there are not many people that wouldn’t enjoy living right next to the ocean there are a few important things to consider when buying a beach house.

  • Check the foundation and construction quality. Being close to the water and constantly exposed to heavy rains, and high temperatures may damage a beach house. Make sure you inspect your potential future home before making an offer.
  • Has the house been managed and maintained properly?  Check how high the maintenance fees are and what they include. You might be surprised but the expenses of maintaining a house in Florida can turn out to be expensive. Therefore, make sure you create a living budget in advance.
  • How close to the water do you want your home to be?  Waterfront living may sound great at first. However, living close to the water during a hurricane season might not be as fun as you have imagined. Therefore, evaluate the pros and cons of buying a home that is located at a beach in Florida. Flood risks are a major issue for any waterfront property owner.
  • Evaluate the house itself. When moving to South Florida and buying a beach house you will probably need a large outdoor living area. Having a cozy little home at the beach without a porch to sit on and enjoy the sunsets, might make it much less fun. Make sure you evaluate and inspect the home you want to buy.

The moving plan

Have you decided to move to Florida? Congrats! Moving to the Sunshine State will be an amazing and life-changing adventure for you and your family. However, don’t let yourself get carried away and make sure you create a detailed moving plan. Therefore you will be able to avoid any moving problems, and ensure your relocation goes smoothly.

A woman making a moving plan

Avoid moving stress by making a detailed plan

One of the most important tasks when relocating to Florida is to find a reliable moving company. With the help of reputable movers, you will be able to move your entire home stress-free. Professional movers can provide you with various relocation services. Packing, transportation, unpacking, and storage are just some of the main services any reliable mover can provide you with. In order to ensure you pick the right moving services, you should start planning your move in advance. Evaluate whether you need your mover to provide you with full services. Or you prefer to do some of the tasks on your own.

If you want to save money while moving you can manage packing on your own. Keep in mind that you need to gather proper packing supplies in advance. Search for free and affordable moving boxes from local businesses. Also, make sure you protect your valuable and fragile items by investing in a few high-quality and multi-layered boxes. Keep in mind that the key to moving to South Florida with ease is planning in advance and prioritizing properly. Therefore, grab a planner, take a deep breath and start writing down!