Moving with your dog to Japan

There is a way to find out how much you love your dog. Moving your dog to Japan is one of them. Will you take your dog or dogs with you or you’ll live them. Why did I say this? There is a procedure so complicated that forces you to do the second variant. But do not despair, there is a way to go around and it’s legal.

Moving with your dog to Japan is a very required task

Dogs are the best friends of man

A complex procedure for moving with your dog to Japan

There is a regulation in Japanese legislation that a dog entering Japan must spend six months in quarantine for safety from the transmission of rabies. It’s a safe way to run your dog through this procedure, but imagine your dog six months without you. Imagine how you would be to separate yourself from your pet for six months. Our dogs are much more than an ordinary pet for most people. We all consider the dogs as part of the family. They change a lot in our lives, they set some limitations, but we love them and accept them as part of the family.

There is a way

So, as I said, there is a way to around it and it’s legal. The Japanese law that treats this area allows you to do quarantine for your dog by yourself in your country before you go to Japan. And the quarantine in your way is not so hard and so terrible. Some requirements need to be fulfilled and it takes time, so you need to start the procedure in time to finish it before going to Japan. This procedure carried out in this way lasts seven and a half months.

Must do for moving with your dog to Japan

What is needed, treatments that a dog needs to pass:

      • Micro-chipped with an ISO compliant (11784 and 11785) microchip.
      • The vaccine against rabies, even if it already has it, after the microchip and within one year of travel.
      • Additional rabies booster after at least 31 days (within a one year of travel, after implantation of the microchip, the dog must be vaccinated twice)
      • Get a rabies titer test – equal to or greater than 0.5 IU/ml
      • A veterinarian who will do you all the tests must have an international health certificate and tests must meet USDA standards.

        The most popular dog in Japan Shiba Inu

        The most popular dog in Japan Shiba Inu, your dog must learn to bark in Japanese

And some more

      • Send the sample to relevant authorities in Japan
      • Must wait 180 days in your home country (you can freely run a dog and engage in all regular activities)
      • Tell the Japanese Animal Quarantine Service 40 to 50 earlier that you intend to bring your dog to Japan and the date of arrival.
      • Prepare the copies of all the papers you have about your dog
      • Before you go on a journey, 10 days earlier, carry out a veterinary check and get the International Health Certificate, which will be stamped at the nearest USDA

Do not forget yourself

Do not forget that you also need to go with your dog to Japan. Your move is the second part of this action and now you need the help of professionals. Japan Relocation Services is one of them!¬† It’s your move. The dog is just a part of the overall plan, of course, inevitable. But when you finish it because it takes a lot of time, you can focus on this serious job, relocation.

Find a reliable  moving company

You need to find it a serious and reliable company that can move your stuff overseas. Concerns about the dog are not the only ones, so you need to be a wider focus. Do all the preparations, come up with a good plan, write it down and follow it.

Also, do your research

That was all in the shortest. This does not stop you from looking for some additional information about moving with your dog to Japan, which can certainly be helpful.