New home decor trends of 2018

Finding a home is a huge work to do. After finding your dream home with the help of our guide, you can a clean, empty space that you want to decorate the best way possible. But, where to start? Reading home decor magazines in the last couple of months or years, made you even more confused. So many styles are now available! Stores offer different designs – industrial, eclectic, Mediterranean, modern, rustic, etc. All of these have something that grabs your attention, but which one to choose? Firstly, we suggest restricting your choices to some of the home decor trends of 2018.  Here is a list of some of the trends announced for the year in front of us, and also some of the trends that may be out for sure.

home decor trends of 2018

Choosing a home decor style may be a difficult task

1. Granite and marble – not anymore!

Last year brought a huge trend of using granite and marble on everything – tabletops, countertops, floors, everything. It was a nice trend, we admit. It reflected elegance, freshness, and neatness. But, it’s time for it to step aside – it’s time for concrete and granite accents. Being affordable and very durable, these materials offer a variety of ways to be used in. Apart from floors and countertops, these materials are used in more unusual ways – making lights or furniture.

2. Dark is the new black – home decor trends of 2018

All-white kitchens and bathrooms are passé. As we mentioned above, new materials are being used now. Concrete and granite can be combined with wood to get that natural, raw look. Tones of gray, cream, navy and other neutral tones are coming big time. It is time for more natural, rough designs. In 2018, we will see more of wood instead of painted, white, marble materials.

home decor trends of 2018

wood and darker colors will be trendy in 2018

3. Sinks – home decor trends of 2018

Again – white is off the table. Light and stainless steel sinks became boring, and kind of a rustic, natural trend is something you want to wake up with and see first thing in the morning. Materials like stone, granite, copper combined with dark colors of black, grey, bronze will make the perfect combination. Bathrooms are something that people pay attention to more these days, and they want to personalize it. So, instead of going for a safe choice of white and stainless steel look, take it to another level and combine darker and natural tones with some of the black and white photographs and some plants.

home decor trends of 2018

Flowers and floral trends are a must in home decor trends of 2018

4. Floral patterns and fresh flowers

It is true that social networks like Instagram and Pinterest were flooded with palm leaves and other tropical patterns, but this is one of the trends that will continue to live in the new year. People are still not tired of green hues, especially combined with darker colors mentioned above. Try putting some photographs with these motifs in bronze picture frames.

Fresh flowers are a must, too. Even a small arrangement on a countertop or next to your sofa can make a huge difference. It brings the more natural atmosphere to your rooms and gets rid of a white, sterile tones.

5. Vintage

Last year brought trends like industrial, modern and so on. It was great buying new things, both online and in big home department stores, but it seemed that almost every home looked the same. So, try to personalize your living space. Take a look at a flea market in your city or even an online flea market to find something authentic (and cheap) items for your beautiful new home.

6. Tiles, tiles, tiles!

With white kitchens, all we could see were boring white tiles. Finally, they are going out of the design trends. The new year brings a lot more interesting ideas. Tiles of different colors, patterns, and textures are definitely the style of 2018. Try mixing and matching different styles and you’ll be surprised at how good can it look.

tiles home decor of 2018

7. Furniture

Home decor trends of 2018 propose that furniture styles are changing as well. Rectangular, straight and industrial lines are out of date. Furniture is becoming more sexy and curved. Lines that are slightly curved and more natural, will make the biggest trend of this year, along with unusual furniture colors like yellow, dark green or deep red.

home decor styles of 2018

Curves and color in furniture -home decor styles of 2018

The architecture also shows this trend with rooms opened with an arch, oval windows, etc. Not only in furniture, but this trend can also be found in small decor items like round mirrors, oval chairs or cushions in different shapes other than square or rectangular. Knot cushions are a big trend as well, especially made in different bright colors.

8. Imperfection

Traditional Japanese aesthetic called wabi-sabi is turning to and accepting imperfection. In home decor, that means choosing items that are hand-made and hand-painted – and that means not so perfect. You will get natural, raw aesthetics in your home, with hand-painted pots or linen covers. The results will be fantastic, we promise!

 home decor trends of 2018

Imperfection in home decor trends of 2018

Finally, we come to the conclusion – a lot of choices are in front of you. No matter if you choose house or apartment, the situation is pretty much the same. Different styles may be confusing to someone who starts with an empty home, but this guide will help you for sure. You can take a look at some more photos here:

But, don’t stress out. Especially if you bring some of the items from your previous home, take your time to adapt them to the new home. It’s impossible to do everything right away, you need more time. Over the next few months, or even a year, take your time to explore the styles, look for items online, search for inspiration at your friends’ homes, on Pinterest, look around your local flea market, or visit local home decor stores while you travel. We are sure that your home will be ready for the new season before you know it.