New move, new you – can moving make you stick to your resolutions?

Moving is a big change. And so is the New Year. That’s why people postpone their big decisions to after I move. Or after New Years. But how do people really change? And is the grass always greener on the other side? Or this is another excuse to get more time? People seem to think that once they get to a new place, they will change their lives. So is moving away solving all your life problems? And is a New Year good time to start changing your life? If you are wondering if moving make you happier and how to stick to your resolutions that you made before you moved… Here are few tips on how to keep your focus and be more determined to change your life.

Be realistic

Are you running to your life or – into your new life? The thing is, you have to plan the change… And you have to change the plan to stick to your resolutions! When you set up a plan to change your life in some way, you have to be realistic. If you plan to loose weight, you have to know you won’t lose it in a day in a same way you didn’t put up weight in a day. Also, you may not be in a very good position to change your diet while your kitchen is still not set up. You have to know your habits and find a best way to change them in a new environment. Only in this way you can accomplish your goals.

Sign possible/ impossible so you can stick to your resolutions

Can you stick to your resolutions?

But believe in magic

Reality is for realistic people and magic is well, for people who believe in what they want. If you moved to a place that is known for its creativity (like New York for example) and you decided to make your own artistic show, the city itself can help. The very surrounding that you moved into can help you work on your dreams harder. Also, bigger cities can give you more opportunities and the ways to meet people (by the way, here are pros and cons of living in Manhattan). And not only that. If you moved just two blocks away from your old place, a new surrounding can help you change your mindset and you will easier stick to your resolutions.

Choose the most important resolution

If you wish for ten things to change with your move, you can hardly concentrate on all ten. The same goes for New Years. It’s nice to have a lot of resolutions, but it’s best to stick to them one by one. Also, don’t work on a goal that is not going to make you happy. Be sure that is your resolution is just yours and not a borrowed dream that will make others happy. It is equally important to see what is in your control and what depends on other factors. As you already know, it’s easier to act realistic and be prepared to obstacles that can stand in your way. But along the way, find that magic factor that will keep you going towards your goal.

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Do you know how to choose?

Set reminders to stick to your resolutions

If you just moved in, you will first have to unpack (obviously). And here are tips on how to pack like a pro. This means you have to find time to do what you want to do. Set reminders that will keep your focus on your resolution. You can set reminders on sticky notes, on your phone, laptop and even fridge. In this way you will be motivated to stick to your resolution.

Give time

If you spend most of your life living without what you want now, give it time. The most important thing besides making a decision is to stick to it and work on it – everyday. If you don’t give it time and focus, be sure that your resolution won’t last for long. Go slowly and don’t speed up to the next step until you pass the first one.

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Learn how to be organized

Stop blaming others

If you could only have more money, more time, more friends, if only your boss would cut you some slack… These entire if only’s are not good for you – you have to take faith into your own hands. The person who wants something with its entire heart will find a way to make it happen no matter what. On the other hand, the person who is not determined enough, won’t have any issue in blaming it on the faith, friends and family for its own destiny. You should know that only you are responsible for your own life.

Motivation is the key

You better than all others know why your resolution is important for you. You also know how you would feel once your wish comes true. So don’t expect others to motivate you to do what you want. Is your resolution to learn a new skill? Motivate yourself by telling how good you would feel once you learn it. Do you want to be more organized? Just imagine how many things you can accomplish in a day.

Learn from your mistakes

You should learn from your mistakes… Or at least that is the way it should be? But moving – and New Years – are great times to think things over. You have enough experience by now to see where did you go wrong last time and think about how to fix things. What lead you to your bad judgments, bad people or bad decisions? Here is how to avoid problems when moving. And now is the finally time to listen to your intuition and stick to your principles – and to yourself. This is one of the first steps to smarter decisions. And happier life.


In the end, if you want to stick to your resolutions you got to take life into your own hands. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but you know best what is best for you. Turning the next page in life just means you are in control over how you feel. Good luck!