Nicest places to retire in Texas in 2022

You are ready to choose a place to spend your golden years. And the Lone Star State is the first that comes to mind. But there is a problem, where in Texas do you retire? Texas is one of the biggest states in the country, and it has a bunch of desirable cities. You do not have to worry because our professionals at World Real Estate Directory can help you. We have for you an article about the nicest places to retire in Texas in 2022. Let’s begin! 

Why choose Texas 

Before we get into where to retire in Texas, let’s talk about why the Lone Star State is right for you. When you complete reading this paragraph, you will start looking for pro tips for moving so you can get to Texas faster. 

  • The first benefit of retiring to Texas is the cost of living. Compared to the rest of America, it is much more affordable to live in Texas. A low cost of living is crucial because it can help with stretching your retirement fond as much as possible. 
  • The second reason to retire to the Lone Star state is the climate. Texas experiences all four seasons, but the winters are not that harsh, so you will not have to worry about shoveling snow. 
  • Move to Texas because of the great food. The two most popular things are the mixture of Texas and Mexican food ( aka. Tex-Mex) and the famous Texas BBQ. Be careful with the BBQ as it is addictingly tasty, but it can raise your cholesterol. 
  • And the final reason to move to Texas before we talk about the nicest places to retire in Texas in 2022 is that there is no state income tax. No income tax means that any earnings from IRA, 401 (k), Social Security, or pension will not be taxed.
Tax documents on table
You can make your saving last longer in Texas because there is no income tax.

As you can see above, there are many good reasons to retire to Texas. So you do not need to wait anymore! Hire Evolution Moving to handle your relocation. Their experts will provide you with moving supplies, pack you up and relocate you to your desired location in Texas. 

Nicest places to retire in Texas in 2022 – Converse

Converse is a small town of about 29,000 people in Bexar County. Even though it is a small town, there are plenty of activities. Moreover, Converse is relatively walkable, so you can reach everything on foot and maintain your cardiovascular health. Let’s see what you can do in Converse. If you are ever want to take a nice relaxing walk, go to Converse City Park. And if you ever get bored of eating at home and want to eat out, visit local restaurants. For seafood lovers, check out Bayseas Seafood and many other restaurants serving different dishes from different cuisines. 

While you will not be bored in Converse, you will be at peace. Since the town has only 29,000 inhabitants, you won’t have to worry about noise. Your neighbors will be friendly, and you can lead a suburban life. In addition, Converse is very affordable. 

a person holding 100 dollar bills
Converse is one of the nicest places to retire in Texas in 2022 because of the low cost of living.

The cost of living in Converse is low. Converse’s cost of living is lower than the Texas average and the average in America. You will be happy to hear that the most significant price difference is in the real estate market. Renting will be affordable. And if you are going to buy, you would also be paying less. The median home cost in Converse is 216,600 dollars, while the average of Texas is 243,600 dollars. 

Finally, if you ever get bored of Converse, you can always visit San Antonio, which is a 20-minute drive away. Converse has a ton to offer, so get to work and join forces with specialist local Converse movers. They will pack you up and relocate you fast because they know the area well. 

Nicest places to retire in Texas in 2022 – Lockhart 

The second town on our list is Lockhart. Lockhart has a population of about 13000 people, and it is the county seat of Caldwell County. The city got the name from Byrd Lockhart, who was the first non-native American to come to Caldwell County. 

Many people call this town – “The Heart of Texas” because of its location. While we are talking about location Lockhart has a very desirable one. Lockhart is right in between Austin and San Antonio. Austin is close, only 33-miles away, which is a 40-minute drive. San Antonio is 70-miles away, which takes an hour and ten minutes by car. So if you ever want to do something exciting, you have your pick between Austin and San Antonio. 

Grilled meat on charcoal
Enjoy some of the best BBQ in Texas.

But you will not get bored of Lockhart that fast because this small town has plenty of activities. The most famous attraction of Lockhart is the Dr. Eugene Clark Library. For any reads, this is a must-see place in Lockhart, and it is also the oldest public library in Texas. When it comes to food, Lockhart has one of the best BBQs in Texas. The town once held the title of “The Barbeque Capital of Texas”. There are plenty of places to get tasty BBQ, but we recommend you visit a family-owned business, Kreuz Market. And for those who are into theatre, there is Gaslight-Baker Theatre. Even if you are not a fan of theatre, you should check out Gaslight-Baker Theatre because it is a part of Lockhart’s history. 

Lockhart has much to offer a retiree, so get here fast. To make sure everything goes smoothly, rely on local Lockhart movers. They will handle your relocation with care. 

Make your choice 

Here are two of the nicest places to retire in Texas in 2022. 

However, Texas has many things to offer, so do more research. And when you decide to move, here are what questions to ask before selling a house. Good luck!