Perks of living in the small apartment

If you’re living in the downtown of any American metropolis, then you’re probably living in the small apartment. There’s nothing wrong with that, it can be very beneficial. Small living spaces have so many perks which makes them more convenient than the bigger units. It’s a fact that small apartments and micro units have much higher demand than the larger ones. People often have no choice than to opt out for the small apartment, but once they experience all its benefits, they don’t even consider changing it for the bigger loft.

Living in a small apartment is so much cheaper

It’s common knowledge that it’s much cheaper to rent or buy a smaller apartment than the one with the big square footage. Still, all the other expenses are lesser too!
Your monthly bills will be very affordable when living in a small apartment. There’s less space to heat up or cool down, smaller surfaces to light and less energy to spend in general. If your place is half the size of your friend’s place, ask how much he’s spending on utilities. That amount will shock you.

When it comes to furnishing your small apartment, that will be a bargain too. Since you have no room for overcrowding your living space, you will need less furniture. Decorating and other things to do after moving into the rented apartment will also be much easier.

Living in a smaller space offers freedom from these financial issues by letting you dramatically reduce your expenses. 

Living in the small apartment means less living costs

You’ll be able to rent a place on the more attractive location or use the extra money to travel and enjoy activities that interest you.

You will have to declutter

If you think about moving to a smaller apartment, you will have to finally let go of some of the things that are cluttering your home. Especially when you’re moving from a house to the NYC apartment.
Decluttering has fantastic benefits, but when we have a lot of space, we tend to keep things that we don’t need. That way, we are holding on the things that are actually irrelevant and their only use is to gather dust.
When you’re relocating into the smaller housing unit, you don’t have the luxury of space, and it’s time for some major decluttering.

When you start packing for your move, you will realize just how many unnecessary items you possess. There will certainly be some items you should throw away before the move.
Gather all those things and sort them on the four piles – trash, donate, sell, keep. The smaller the „keep“ pile is, the more liberating you will feel. Not to mention that you will feel more comfortable living in a small apartment that isn’t cluttered with a lot of things. The fewer possessions, the less to do in order to keep your living environment looking and feeling great. It’s just that simple.

Decorating will be cheaper and more entertaining

Another benefit of living in a small apartment is that you can style it to look amazing wanted without blowing your budget. Decorating your apartment will be so much cheaper since you have less space.
You only to take care of making your small apartment visually bigger and brighter.
These tips will help you with that:

  • Mirrors – These magical objects make every room to seem larger. Since they are reflecting light, they also give more bright to every space.
  • Windows – Of course, you can’t create new windows, but you can make the most with the ones you have. Let them open up the room by clearing the space around them. If you need to have drapes, choose the light, transparent ones.
  • Live colors – Nothing gives small space some character like a splash of bold color. In order to make your small apartment bigger, the walls of the room should be white. Still, adding colorful art on them will make the whole room much more interesting. Pillows, rugs, candles and other decoratives is also a great way to transform your place into a true oasis of shades.
  • Furniture of the right size – When you have a small apartment the main rule is not too overcrowded it. Bulky furniture items are not the option. They will look strange and make the place to seem even smaller. So take measurements of your flat before you go shopping for furniture.
  • Couple taking photos in the mirror

    Mirror, mirror on the wall make my place look small no more!

You will clean your home in a heart bit

The bigger the home, the more time you have to spend cleaning and maintaining it. Most of the people will love to live in a huge house, but it takes a lot of work in making that kind of home functional. When you have eight instead of two rooms to clean, it will take the whole day to tidy the place up.
In the small apartment, you won’t have these worries. The big spring cleaning will take you several hours the most. On contrary to the bigger places where it can go on for days.
When it comes to daily cleaning routing, it will take you about an hour to clean the entire place from top to bottom. The best thing is that it will look like you clean your home like a professional.

Living in a small apartment means less cleaning

Just imagine how much time you will save on such a simple task every day.

When it comes time for relocation, you will pack much easier

If in some point in future you decide to relocate, that tiring process will be so much easier. Since you’re living in a small apartment, you will transport your whole household more efficiently and quickly. When you’re moving to the bigger apartment, you won’t have to worry about decluttering your current small apartment. Everything in it will fit comfortably into your new home. Of course, less stuff also means less moving costs. There’s a chance that all of your things can fit into the one moving vehicle and be transported in one take. Moving is always a stressful time, but when you’re relocating from smaller space to a larger one, everything will be easier.