Plastic bins vs card boxes

If you have in mind moving soon with your whole family to a new house, you must start considering different packing supplies for your belongings. Most people cannot decide between using certain containers for their items. The plastic bins vs card boxes is the most common dilemma for many who are planning their move.

Plastic bins are waterproof

Let’s start with the first positive side of plastic containers, which is the most obvious thing: they’re waterproof. During transport or while in storage, if fluids start causing a threat, these types of supplies are a better choice. Of course, you can avoid the risks if you make sure your storage is completely safe, and it should be high on the priority list of your moving plan.

A person holding a plastic bin which seems to be winning the plastic bins vs card boxes debate
The plastic bin is waterproof.

Cardboard boxes are more available

Now, let’s be honest: cardboard boxes are much easier to find when you need them. Most people have a certain amount of them in their basement or garden shed. Plus, if you do not have any that are in a good shape, you can always go to a local store and ask them to give some to you.

A dog in a cardboard box.
When it comes to availability, what wins the plastic bins vs card boxes debate? Boxes!

Plastic bins are better for reusing

However, plastic bins are way better for reusing. This is because cardboard boxes can damage more easily and later cannot be of any use except for lighting fires during colder days. Also, plastic containers look much better in your home than simple cardboard boxes if you want to keep some things in them.

Cardboard boxes are easier to store and can be reused in a creative way

On the other hand, cardboard boxes are easier to fit in any storage space in your house or apartment after you move. You can collapse them completely and spare a lot of space if you do not want to reuse them soon.

Here we must add that these kinds of boxes can be great for expressing your creativity or the creativity of your kids. There are very simple ways how your youngest family members can use these containers for creating houses for their toys, like dolls or plush animals. It goes without saying that this way of reusing boxes can save you a certain amount of money on dollhouses, at least for the time being. Moreover, your kids can paint them and, in this way, discover their hidden artistic talents.


To conclude, while many people believe that plastic bins vs card boxes is a battle, it really is not. Both types of packing supplies have their good sides. Plastic bins are waterproof, and you can use them for longer periods of time. Plus, they will look way better in your storage space in your new house. But cardboard boxes are good because you can collapse them completely and store them without wasting much space. They are definitely easier to find anywhere, and your kids can use them for playing and expressing their creativity.