Popular home styles in Monterey, CA

If planning to start a new life somewhere in Monterey in California, you need to do your best to find the most suitable place to be your next home. You see, this part of the Golden State has incredible residential options to offer. So, before you begin prepping for a house search, you need to do your homework! You must take your time to discover what choices you will have at your disposal, so you can find the most appropriate space. Anyhow, to make this search a bit easier, you might want to keep reading this text! Below, you will introduce yourself to some of the most popular home styles in Monterey, CA!

Once you find an option that fits your terms and budget the best, you will be ready for the next step. That is inspecting the property before you rent it or buy it. While so, you should learn about the importance of quality flooring in a home, get some tips on checking out the plumbing and electrical system, etc. When you take care of those tasks, you will have everything you need to get a home in Monterey that will be perfect for you!


If this part of CA, you will have plenty of reasons to enjoy the Mediterranean home style!

Mediterranean home styles in Monterey, CA

If you like home elements such as red-tiled roofs and stone details, you need to check out what the Mediterranean home style has at your disposal. Also, for this type of home, it is typical to have carved doors, metalwork, etc. You should know that colors are quite an important part of the Mediterranean home style as well. Some of the most characteristic colors are blue, seafoam green, etc. Anyhowthe Mediterranean home style is all about charm and functionality. And if you like this combo, you won’t make a mistake picking this type of home to start a new life in. 

So, if you want to live in a home that has a Mediterranean style to it, you will be able to find easily such a space in Monterey. And once you get that, you can prepare yourself for relocation. To simplify this transition as much as possible, consider working with a company like Mod Movers Monterey. This organization will offer you plenty of moving services that you can use to perform the move with the utmost care. Thanks to their relocating professionals, you will be able to settle down in your new home in this part of CA in no time.

Contemporary home style

This is also a pretty popular home style that people like a lot! Contemporary style is quite common in this part of California. You see, this style is all about an open floor plan and bringing more natural light into the home. Also, the contemporary style is the perfect choice to go for, especially if you require a flexible layout in your home that you can adjust to your needs. 

Still, when picking a space that will be your next residence, you need to do some homework. You have to introduce yourself to the residential market in this area. Apart from that, you need to pay attention to many things if planning on renting a contemporary-style property. And you will require tips on how to buy a perfect home for you if thinking about becoming a homeowner.

Street in Monterey, CA.

As you can see, there are lots of home styles in Monterey, CA to choose from.


If you want to live in a small and cozy environment, you might opt for a cottage! These residential options are pretty amazing, beautiful, and affordable. Cottages in Monterey will mostly offer single-story spaces with big patios. Your cottage in this part of CA can be in vintage style, rustic, a beachfront property, in English and French home-style, etc.

So, if planning to live in one, you need to prep for a relocating project. To ensure a safe and simple move, you might want to consider the option of working with professionals. You see, expert assistance is near, and all you have to do will be to give them a call. There are local movers from Monterey who will be happy to provide you with moving services. And you just need to let them know your demands, so they can have everything they require to perform a move. Thanks to them, you will be able to settle down in your home in Monterey in no time! 

Modern home styles in Monterey, CA

You also won’t make a mistake if your choice is to go for a modern style home. Monterey will offer you various residential options that suit this style, so you won’t have anything to worry about. Modern home style in this part of CA will offer you a mid-century touch combined with sleek minimalism. And if you like such a design, you can expect numerous properties for checking out that suit those demands. Apart from modern real estate, Monterey also has lots of luxurious residences. 

Anyhow, before you begin the relocating project, you must equip yourself for the search for a perfect home in Monterey! So, take your time to learn how to evaluate a house before making an offer, what parts of Monterey might be perfect for settling down, etc.

Home - There are lots of popular home styles in Monterey, CA.

Modern home styles are pretty popular in this area of California!

Ranch-style homes

So, if you want to live in a completely different environment, you need to check out what ranch-style homes in this part of California have at your disposal! You see, this is also a pretty popular home style in Monterey, CA. Ranch style is all about an open layout. You should know that these homes are smaller and they usually have just one floor. However, people who live in these homes love their close-to-the-ground look and proximity to their outdoor activities. Because of that, ranch properties have large porches, gardens, big backyard and front yard spaces, etc. 

So, if you like what these homes have to offer, perhaps, you should consider starting a new life in the countryside of Monterey. You will have a peaceful lifestyle, and you will be close to local amenities.