Pros and cons of coworking spaces – Denver edition

As our technological advance is making the world smaller and allowing everyone to work remotely the shape of companies is changing. Today, there are more and more small companies, entrepreneurs, designers, and others that are able to work remotely from home or any other place. This trend is leading traditional offices to become obsolete in these companies. The trend is causing an increasing number of coworking spaces to open up all over the world and many businesses to move out of classical office buildings. Not only big cities like Denver are experiencing this. Coworking spaces may not be for everyone but they are springing up everywhere, even in small towns and communities. However, they are not for everyone and there is a lot of pros and cons of coworking spaces to consider.


Coworking has many benefits that new companies and startups can utilize. It presumes an open workspace and proposes group working and a degree of collaboration. However, not everyone can benefit from this type of work so you should consider the pros and cons of coworking spaces and if it will benefit you and your business.

Two women working in a coworking space.
You can find coworking spaces cheap but they might not suit your needs

Keep in mind that even if you simply need to change the scenery you can move into the coworking space. It can give your company a new perspective and creative boost that you may need. Be sure that in Denver there are a lot of local movers that can handle your office move to a coworking space easily and quickly.


  • Cheap and flexible
  • Low maintenance, amenities
  • Creativity


The main aspect of coworking is its affordability. Using these spaces is a lot cheaper than the regular office lease. There is an option to lease a hot desk, designated desk, or even a neat separate office if needed. You can also be flexible. If you prefer you can pay on a monthly basis and be free to move out whenever you need. Other companies opt to lease on an annual basis.

Low maintenance and amenities

Moving into a coworking space is easy and fast. Everything is set up so you can start work immediately. No need to worry about the furniture, printers, phones, or the internet, it is already there. You can also use joint amenities like the kitchen, coffee bar, office supplies. Some spaces offer the use of administrative services, consultations, and organize weekly networking nights.

People sitting together at a table discussing the pros and cons of coworking spaces
Cooperation between people in a coworking space may be a con for you and your business activities


These spaces promote group work, collaboration and add to the increased creativity. If you need advice or someone to bounce ideas off then coworking spaces are ideal for you


  • No privacy
  • Distractions
  • Crowds and commotion

No privacy

Using coworking can be a nightmare to those that value their privacy. Most of these spaces use an open floorplan and phone calls can easily be overheard. So, if you require a high level of privacy this is a big con for your company.


Working in an environment like this can be a distraction. There are many people fluctuating through these spaces. They all have their activities to perform and that can be distracting. Also, there are many events that can come at the wrong time and ruin your focus. However, if this is the problem you can easily move out with help of Los Angeles Transfer and Storage and provide safe storage for your belongings until you find a new space.

A group of people in a coworking area
Crowds may not be adequate to your business needs

Crowds and commotion

Popular coworking spaces can get overcrowded. High demand for a hot desk can make you wait some time to get to your workspace. Your productivity can suffer in these situations and that is definitely a con.

So, there are many pros and cons of coworking spaces and they are not for everyone. But, once you research you can weigh into all of these aspects to determine if coworking will benefit you and your business.