Pros and cons of living in Manhattan

New York is a dream of many people around the world. Whether to live in it or just visit, New York people are going crazy about this city. There is a reason for that. New York, has it all. From awesome nightlife to great schools and stylish way of living. Numerous TV shows are showing us daily, that people are living their best lives in this city. However, we all know better than to trust everything we see and hear on television. When it comes to living in Manhattan, there are so many reasons not to, but are they enough? No matter how many cons reasons there are, New York is still the most desirable city to live in, and here we will try to explain why.

Living in Manhattan is very exciting

New York is a dream of many people

What to expect when living in Manhattan

When you get a chance to live in Manhattan you take it. However, there are some things to know about this borough. Manhattan is one of the five New York boroughs. There are:

  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Staten Island
  • Queens

And eventually Manhattan. New Yorkers consider Manhattan as the best borough of all five. They will always have something good to say about Manhattan, and not so good about the other four boroughs. People who live in Manhattan are somewhat in love with their city. No one can say anything bad about. If you think about it, in so many movies and TV shows, there are many monologs and dialogs about the New York. The love is real there. Living in Manhattan will most likely make you stronger if nothing else. People do love Manhattan, but it is not all rainbows and butterflies for sure.

Cons of living in Manhattan

There are reasons not to live in Manhattan. Of course, there are. You are probably already well aware of the biggest one. Yes, you have guessed it, it is very expensive to live in Manhattan. If you have enough money to live there you are few of the lucky ones. People go there sometimes to pursue their luck, some of them are successful some of them not so much. There is a reason for that saying: If you make it in New York you can make it anywhere because it is not easy. It is not easy to find a job or to rent some good apartment, and that is a different story.

If you have enough money to live a decent life in Manhattan, you should consider should you buy or rent a property there. What is better for you or your family long term. This is something that you should think about only if you are financially ready for Manhattan. If not, then it is a challenge to find a nice apartment to rent with a good price.

Taxi and people among buildings

Sometimes it can get crowded in Manhattan

How to make it work in Manhattan

You have to be very patient when starting your life in Manhattan. Any kind of success doesn’t come overnight. So, if you want to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, you have to be very hardworking and patient. It takes time to find a job and a decent apartment. If you, however, have enough money to start something in New York you can consider investing in real estate since this is something that is always popular.

People will always want to come from a different part of the world to experience New York. So, maybe this is the way to go. When it comes to some other things that don’t involve money, living in Manhattan can be pretty amazing. So many coffee shops, great restaurants, lovely Times Square and Central Park. Any TV show that you have ever watched has shown at least some of the amazing things that New York has to offer. When it comes to the crime rate in Manhattan, let’s just say that it is a better situation than in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

Pros of living in Manhattan

There are good sides to living in Manhattan. It is not for nothing that people want to come here and try their luck. So many great places to go out and have fun. From Broadway and Museums to movie theatres and concerts held by world-famous music stars. Not to mention shopping, and numerous stores with brands from all over the world. Not to worry there are prices for everyone.

New York, in general, is an expensive city but there are boutiques for every pocket. Also, if you feel peckish in the middle of the night some dinner or a restaurant is bound to be open at 3 am. The miracle of New York. This is not the case though only in Manhattan, other boroughs such as Brooklyn are pretty awesome to live in. Even though it had a bad reputation Brooklyn is becoming one of the top places to live in. You may be called a hipster but that is not important when you are living in one of the best cities in America and wider. However, Manhattan is still number one even though Brooklyn is trying really hard.

Manhattan at sunset

Manhattan can be perfect

Life in New York is something that a lot of people are striving for. Manhattan is a place to be if you like crowd, uniqueness, great food, awesome nightlife and so many more things to count. Manhattan is a place for a free spirit people. People who will know how to enjoy it. Once you go to Manhattan at least like a tourist, you will probably want to stay there forever, and nobody would blame you. As it seems Manhattan will be always and forever one of the cities on so many bucket lists around the world. Once you come here you won’t even think about cons reasons to live in Manhattan, until the day you find yourself stuck in the traffic at five pm. Other than that we know you will enjoy your cool life in Manhattan.