Questions to ask your realtor before buying a vacation home in Coral Gables 

If you want to buy a vacation house, you will not go wrong with Florida. Beach weather throughout the year plus the best beaches in the country. What do you want more? But one of the best places in Florida to own a vacation home is Coral Gables. You should not jump and buy the first home you see. Before purchasing a vacation place in the Gables, think it through. World Real Estate Directory has questions to ask your realtor before buying a vacation home in Coral Gables. 

Facts about Coral Gables 

Coral Gables is a small town in Miami-Dade County and about 49,700 people there, according to the 2019 census. The community is not diverse – around 92 percent of the population is white. The population is relatively young, with the median age being 40 years old. 68 percent of the population has at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in the city. Most of the people own their homes, around 63 percent, and the rest rent. Finally, 51 percent of the population is married. To get to Coral Gables, you will need professional assistance. If you can not find movers to deal with your packing or any other moving task are a solid choice. But you can always look into other moving companies to get you to the Gables. 

How to pick a good real estate agent to assist you with buying a vacation home in Coral Gables 

Before we get to what question to ask a real estate agent, you need to have someone competent by your side to ask questions. Here is the step you can take to find a reliable real estate agent. 

  • The first people to turn are people you know who sold both a house recently. They are the most honest evaluation for a real estate agent. Your friend will not sugarcoat anything and tell you who to hire to help you buy a house. 
  • If your friends can not recommend any real estate agents, conduct your research. Look into the real estate agent’s online influence, and investigate their social media pages and customer reviews. 

A real estate agent showing a house plan on a laptop, learn about buying a vacation home in Coral Gables
Buying a vacation home in Coral Gables will be less challenging with a real estate agent by your side.

When you have a list of several realtors, you need to think about what qualities a real estate agent should have. 

  • They should possess knowledge of the Coral Gables housing market. 
  • Look for a certification from the National Association of Realtors. 
  • Finally, they need to have a lot of experience with selling and buying homes. 

To check all the above things, you need to interview all the possible agents. And during the interview, you can see if they are invested in your needs. With a real estate agent by your said, you will quickly find a house for yourself and won’t have to worry about how to feel at home in your new place

Before buying a vacation home in Coral Gables, ask your realtor about the cost of homes 

The first thing you need to ask your agent is home much homes cost in the Gables. You can find the ideal home, and if you can not afford it, all of your excitement will go to waste. The median home cost in Coral Gables is way above the Florida average. The median home cost in Florida is 294,900 dollars and in the Gables is 902,900 dollars. But you can probably find a vacation home for less if you buy a smaller place. 

Person holding 100 dollar bills.
You will need a big mortgage to afford a vacation home in Coral Gables.

The quality of homes in Coral Gables 

The second thing to ask your agent is about the quality of homes. Since Coral Gables real estate is very expensive you need to know if you are not paying a fortune for a badly built house. Well, homes in Coral Gables are good quality, but they are on the older side. The median home cost is 51 years old. 

Learn about the cost of living before buying a vacation home in Coral Gables 

Even though you will only need to spend your time there during the holidays. You need to know how much it will cost you to spend time there and maintain the home. 

Well if look at the cost of homes in Coral Gables, we can assume that the cost of living is high. The cost of living in Coral Gables is 72 percent higher than the average in Florida. The main three reasons for the high cost of living in Coral Gables are groceries, housing, and transportation. So if you think you can afford to vacation in Coral Gables, a skilled crew can help out with moving into your new place. They know the city well and will not struggle with setting up your new vacation house. 

Ask your realtor what location to choose in Coral Gables 

If you were buying a regular house, your agent would need to consider other circumstances when recommending a location. But since you are buying a vacation home, your realtor will probably recommend a quiet location in the city close to the place where there are a lot of fun activities. 

a white Ipad
With a vacation place, you need to find a place that is not in the center of Coral Gables.

Find out why is the place on the market before purchasing property in Coral Gables

Finding out why a home is on a market, can bring a lot of benefits for you as a buyer. For example, maybe the buyer needs to leave town quickly, which will increase your bargaining power since the seller needs to get rid of the home as soon as possible. Or the house’s plumbing system is not the best, which will increase the money you are spending on the home. If you find any problems with the house, you can use them to your advantage, and soon you will need a packing plan to get to your new vacation home faster. 

You are ready to own a vacation home in Coral Gables 

With the above questions to ask your realtor before buying a vacation home in Coral Gables, you will find an ideal place easily. And if your agent is competent, they will lower the price of the house.