Real estate update – North Carolina edition

Do you want to sell your home in North Carolina, or the opposite, to buy or rent a home there? In both cases, you should know what is going on in the real estate update – North Carolina. Moving to North Carolina is special. It is a big and beautiful state with a lot of opportunities for you and for your kids. But, before the relocation process, be sure that you are fully prepared for it. Consider all the facts including the current market of real estate. So if you were thinking about where should you move, and what are the cots of it, this text is going to answer some of your questions.

Moving to North Carolina

  • Since you have decided to relocate to North Carolina, you have to decide which moving company you should choose. For example, if you are moving out of Apex, NC, you should get a verified mover who will do its job at the best possible way. If you don’t know how to choose a verified mover you should pay attention to the following things:
  • Be sure to double-check everything before you sign a contract
  • Be sure that the mover is verified
  • Get some referrals by searching on the internet or ask family or your friends
  • Make sure that your items are correctly packed if you have something expensive
Movers packing a lamp and a vase.

Real Estate- North Carolina – experience can be a lot easier if you choose the right relocation company who will help you with this process.

Real estate update for NC

Where should you live? What are the prices? So if you still didn’t decide where should you move, now is the time. The home prices are some of the biggest facts when it’s coming to choosing a neighborhood. You should know that some of the cities are affordable, and some are a little bit expensive. Real estate market – North Carolina is variable, so you should investigate before taking a big step.

A laptop used for gathering information on real estate updates.

Searching online for real estate will make your decision a lot easier to complete.

Providence Crossing

Providence Crossing is a neighborhood in North Carolina. It has a population of 12.251 people. Median home value is $ 350, 213 while the median rent is $809. You could buy a house here for 299.900 which has 3 bed and 3 baths. Since this town has great public school, nightlife and diversity it is going to be a good decision relocating here, if you want to start a new chapter of your life.

Providence Plantation

is a neighborhood which is located in North Carolina. This neighborhood has a population of 12,200 people. The thing about Providence Plantation is that most of their residents own their home. Median home value is $390.502 while the median rent price is $1,400. There are a lot of houses for sale in this neighborhood. You could buy a 3 bed and 3.5 bathroom family house for $475,00 or if you were thinking about buying a house that is more luxurious, you would need $1,695,000 for a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath family house. The good thing about the real estate market-North Carolina is that there is everything for everyone.

Olde Providence North

Olde Providence North is a little bit smaller than above-mentioned neighborhoods. It has a population of 5,932 people. The good thing about this town is that the median rent price is only $170 while the median home value is $479,500. 90% of residents from this area own their homes. Olde Providence North is a good opportunity for you and for your family to settle up if you were thinking where should you relocate. You could buy a 2 bed and 3 bath family house for $345, 000. This neighborhood offers great public and private schools. It has great grades for housing and for families. and if you are into Health & Fitness, you would definitely enjoy here.

A kid and its mother blowing bubbles.

Family enjoying together after they have moved to North Carolina.


Hembstead is a small neighborhood with a population of 4,852 people. The median rent in this town is a little bit higher- $920 while the median home value is $470,313. Most of the people own their homes since this town is perfect for families, housing and also it has great education system for your kids if you were thinking about moving to North Carolina with your kids. Before purchasing a house you could visit some of the houses which are available on the market, For example, you could buy a 3 bed and 3 bath family house for $220,000. or 4 bed and 3 bath house for $479,000


Provincetowne is Neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has a population of 23,800 people. The area is suburban while most od the residents own their own home. The median rent value is $1,600 while the median home value is $289,900. There a lot of houses for sale in this neighboorhood. You can buy a family house with 4 bed and 3 baths for only $234,000. This town is good for families with children. Some of the best private schools are Marvin Ridge High School, Ardey Kell High school, Central Academy of technology and arts.

Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods has a population of 4,910 people. When it comes to real estate in North Carolina, the median home value is $289.423 while the median rent is $695. 65 % of resident own their home, while the rest, 35% rent the place where they live. The good thing about Sharon Woods is that you could buy a 5 bed and 3 bath family house for only $530,000.

Beverly Woods

Beverly Woods is located in North Carolina. This town is quiet, it has great nature and excellent places to walk in a leisurely way. This town has a population of 6,804 people. Median Rent is $1,100 and the Median Home value is $321,114. 75% of people own their homes. Buying a 2 bed and 3 bath family house for $164,900 is one of the things which you should take into consideration. If you want to relocate to North Carolina and don’t know where to find a verified mover-you should click on the following link. You should know that provided link would lead you to verified movers which are great at its services.

In conclusion, relocating to North Carolina will give you a lot of options. In order to get this done well, be sure that you gather all the required information before the relocation process.