Reasons for moving to Seattle right away!

There is no city like this on Earth, and if you like nature moving to Seattle will change your life. Settled on the shore of Lake Washington and between two mountain ranges, it boasts exceptional natural beauties. It is also known for its gloomy winters, but don’t get fooled by long winters, SeaTown has a lot more to offer if you call it home!

What’s special about Seattle

  • No income taxes
  • Great nightlife
  • It is a very safe city
  • Food culture is very rich
  • Growth of residents
  • Long winters
  • Diversity of things to do

Amazing summers and gloomy winters

Yes, moving to Seattle brings a lot of rain with it, and we will get to that, but first, you need to learn about summers here. They are without rain, warm, with low humidity and they abound with sunshine. Some say that Seattle summers are the best in the country. As beautiful as they are, summers here are the perfect opportunity to make plans to explore the new city and see all the natural wonders of this city, like Olympic National Park or the San Juan Islands.

On the other hand, the rain really isn’t that big of a deal. In Seattle, rain usually manifests as a mist. People rarely even wear raincoats, as there is no real need for them. A bigger problem that you’ll encounter is the gloominess, like Seattle, because of its northern location, has a lot of cloudy days. But, that also isn’t a real problem if you like melancholy in your life. At least, it can be very inspirational.

Moving to Seattle

Seattle shows a big growth in a number of residents. In the last 15 years, 100,000 people migrated into this city, and that trend tends to keep. There are a lot of people who move to Seattle for work. If that is your case, we strongly suggest using office relocation specialists and their services.

It is considered to be an expensive city for renters, with prices of around $1400 for a single bedroom apartment in the city center to $2700+ for a three bedroom apartment in similar circumstances.

On the matter of the cost of living in Seattle, pretty much all things that you would find on your grocery list will be cheap here since it is a major harbor where many imports are directly brought. On the other side, you’ll find that all the basic utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, etc) aren’t that cheap.

grocery store
Groceries are very cheap in Seattle.

Seattle nightlife

It is not accidentally on the list of 5 Best places to live in the USA. Seattle has the best nightlife you can get. It is a city of neighborhoods, and every single one of them is packed with lots of bars, clubs, and anything you can imagine really. Happy hours occur all day and all night long all across the city, so you can even run from one bar to another and drink for cheap all the time if that is your thing.

Moving to Seattle will provide you with the best nightlife that country has to offer.

Conclusion on moving to Seattle

In conclusion, moving to Seattle has its benefits, with few drawbacks. You’ll enjoy in privileges of cheap grocery shopping but will have to detach from those long summers that you may love. In return, Sea Town will give the most beautiful nature that the country can offer. Also, food, coffee, and beer are great and taken very seriously here.

So, if you like nature, rain, and fun what are you waiting for? This is a perfect city for you!