Relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey – how to find a new home

More and more people are relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey in recent years. There are many reasons people chose to do so, one of them being the proximity of the two states. So, if you are considering crossing over the Delaware River and settling somewhere in NJ, this is the perfect article that discusses relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey – how to find a new home.

Commuting and relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey – how to find a new home

One of the major reasons people move to PA from NJ is the fact they can can easily hold on to their job in Pennsylvania. Since commuting distance and commute time are minimal, you will be able to enjoy all that NJ has to offer while remaining closely attached to PA if you want to. Read on to find out more on why you should find a new home in Pennsylvania.

Organizing your move and relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey – how to find a new home

Despite the fact that you are moving from a state that is close by, relocating to New Jersey still requires you to be informed and make a plan.

Essentially, PA and NJ are two completely different states, with different living circumstances, economies, and vibes. For this reason, it is crucial you consider your decision to move to NJ carefully, from buying your home in NJ to moving out of Pennsylvania.

Visiting the city in New Jersey that you plan to relocate to

We recommend you first visit the city in New Jersey that you have set your sights on. A few days in the city will allow you to notice all the things that you have read in this and other guides on living and moving to NJ.

A couple preparing for relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey
Be sure to prepare well for your relocation from PA to NJ.

Without seeing this for yourself, you might get a wrong, unrealistic impression of what you might expect once you find a new home in NJ.

If you are certain you have made the right decision, then all that is left to do is to find a good local moving company when you arrive in NJ. It is best if you find a company that will transport everything to your new place and help you find and settle in your new home.

One reason for choosing a local company is the fact that local movers are capable of make your relocation easy and stress-free. However, in some cases you might want to consider hiring a luxury moving company, such as when you have a lot of fragile and expensive items that you need to move to NJ.

Reasons for relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey – how to find a new home

Now that you know how to move to NJ, let’s take a look at why you should move to NJ. Basically, moving to NJ can seem more intimidating than it really is. From our experience, the best way to transition physically and mentally is to put your family belongings into the hands of a reputable and trustworthy moving crew such as Superior Moving & Storage

Besides, the next few factors should encourage you to look forward to this relocation to NJ.

The city
You can reach NYC anywhere from New Jersey easily.

The population of New Jersey

The local population of New Jersey is known for its friendly and congenial demeanor. It is really hard to feel lonesome and alienated in a state which nurtures good neighborly vibes and hospitality. This makes living in NJ truly enjoyable, since you and your family members will spend the first days meeting new people in your neighborhood.

Also, NJ’s population tops Pennsylvania by more than 4 million residents. Although this is not a huge difference, it is worth noting that its population density is much, much larger than that of PA.

New Jersey’s economy

It is generally much easier to move and adjust to the new environment if you have a job waiting for you in NJ. However, as we have mentioned, commuting to and from Pennsylvania once you move to NJ is relatively quick and easy.

In case you are on the lookout for a new job, New Jersey is the perfect place to find it, no matter the industry in which you work in. Being a large state, finding a job in your area of expertise should not be a huge problem.

Education in New Jersey

Sometimes it is difficult for kids to transition to a new state when they have already started going to school. Luckily, education in New Jersey is generally good, and you needn’t worry about finding a good and welcoming school for your little ones.

Living costs in New Jersey

If you are looking for a new home and you are on a budget, it might be difficult to find cheap property in NJ. As we have mentioned, the population density and the quality of life makes the NJ real estate market highly competitive in comparison to Pennsylvania. To illustrate, the average home price here is around $330,000, whereas in PA you would pay for the same unit around $170,000.

Admittedly, this is a big difference, but if you take into consideration all the things that make living in New Jersey enjoyable, the prices will start to make sense.

Living in NJ is enjoyable

Although Pennsylvania is lovely, living in New Jersey is more than wonderful. The main reason for this is the fact that there is never a dull moment when you are a resident of NJ. If you like to spend time in the great outdoors, NJ will deliver great beaches and wonderful parks and forests for you to chill after a long day. Also, there is no shortage of nightclubs and other amenities that you can go to to have fun.

Two friends laughing and having drinks
It is easy to make friends in NJ

All in all, we hope this short guide helped you get a clear picture of what you need to know when relocating from Pennsylvania to New Jersey – how to find a new home.