Renting an Apartment in Hong Kong in the Wake of Covid-19 Pandemic

As the entire world unexpectedly got hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to and still are adjusting to the current normal. The massive drift and change as to how we live our daily lives have shifted in multiple ways. Things we used to take for granted or perhaps not even realize were a part of our lives day to day have now adapted. From the way we interact with one another, to how we buy groceries, it is all different now. In addition, the real estate market has pretty much gone to the virtual level. Renting an apartment in Hong Kong in the middle of this pandemic could be tough. Continue reading to find out how you can safely adapt to these times whether you’ve been in Hong Kong for some time or were in the middle of moving there as this hit us. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic

By now, we are all very familiar with this term. The virus has affected the entire globe in a very short period of time. Meanwhile, it has taken us some time to adjust as it is extremely difficult to change some habits we rely on every day. While trying to stay safe physically from all of this, we are working on strengthening ourselves mentally. Staying at home every day, no job, no interaction with some of your closest people, and not knowing when this will be over can be very difficult. In times like these, it is important to remain positive and motivated. It’s okay to feel down on some days, but it is crucial for the whole of our society to stay optimistic so that we can beat this soon. 

A protective face maks you will need when renting an apartment in Hong Kong in these circumstances.
Wash your hands, and wear gloves and a mask when you leave your home.

As all of this continues to unravel, many people were in the middle of moving for example. Some haven’t been able to pause or postpone this process, and have had to go through with it. International relocation is not an easy task, and it can be difficult to impossible to simply stop the process in the middle or close to completion. There are ways to safely rent an apartment in Hong Kong, even in the middle of this pandemic. The key is to discuss this with your landlord and learn more about the current procedures. In addition, get in touch with your moving company to see if there are any changes to your deal. Contact Relosmart Movers Hong Kong and ensure that the moving date is still on, and your items will be delivered safely. 

Renting an Apartment in Hong Kong

How do you move to an apartment in Hong Kong in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic? The first thing you should do is probably discuss this with your future landlord. Let them inform you about the current situation and procedures in Hong Kong at the moment. If you had already signed documents, and paid for your first and last month’s rent, and are already on your way there, it’s important to secure your home. Therefore, our advice is to first get in touch with someone and get as much information as possible before moving into your brand new apartment.

An illustration of two people in a dragon-like boat.
Contact your landlord to discuss the changes that have been implemented throughout this period.

Also, COVID-19 pandemic has affected the prices of the real estate market. As you are moving, try to discuss possible monetary changes in rent and other fees. Perhaps these numbers have dropped due to the recent virus effect on multiple properties on the market. 

Relocation after Renting an Apartment in Hong Kong

Once you get the green light to go ahead with your move and you can continue the process of moving into an apartment in Hong Kong, it’s important to focus on the essential elements of your relocation. With an international move, it is important to know exactly what you are bringing with you and what you are leaving behind. Before you begin packing, organize yourself first. Also, are you able to complete all of this on your own, or would you pack with the help of professionals? With a team of professionals, the process could be much faster and efficient. As long as it fits within your budget, why not relieve some stress by having someone else handle this part. Therefore, enter this relocation process with a plan. It will keep you organized, on track, and efficient with all affairs on moving.

A look at the globe thorugh a magnifying glass.
International relocation is much easier with a plan and a checklist.

Stay Safe

Throughout this whole ordeal, the number one thing of most importance is to stay safe. With everything going on, and a lot of aspects still unknown and unsure, it is important to follow all procedures and advice in order to stay healthy while maintaining the safety of others as well. From traveling precautions to cleaning your new apartment upon arrival, try to stay organized and efficient. The one positive thing about all of this is that it will keep you busy. You can focus on productivity and efficiency and therefore kill time in a good way. 

If possible, arrange the arrival of your belongings so that when you arrive to your apartment in Hong Kong, your things are there already. After a long trip like that, you will want your bed to sleep in and rest up. In addition, once you do arrive, it is spring cleaning time. Be prepared and tactical with this cleaning process. 


When you get to your apartment in Hong Kong, make sure you thoroughly clean everything. From every corner in the apartment to everything you brought with you. It is important to disinfect everything so that you can feel safe within your own home. Therefore, gather any and all cleaning supplies you might need, and organize your cleaning throughout a few days so that you can efficiently focus on everything. 

Welcome to Hong Kong

Staying informed and up to date with the latest news is crucial today. Especially if you happen to be moving. As you read our advice here, it is also essential to reach out to other professionals and get their take on it as well. Once you feel safe and well informed, you can proceed with your plan.