Starting your career in NYC 101

So, you’re considering moving and starting your career in NYC? Well, that’s a good decision because New York offers many job opportunities. But, the moving process, from an apartment hunt to getting around the city with all your stuff, can be incredibly stressful. And when you’re not specifically relocating for work, finding a job can be the most panic-inducing aspect of the transition. NYC is a place where millions of people come to chase their dreams. So, competing for opportunities and resources can be tough. That’s why you need this guide for starting your career in NYC.

Have a deadline for moving

When you want to move to the city, it’s tempting to test the waters by applying to jobs from your current town and waiting to see what happens. But, employers usually don’t want to interview candidates who aren’t sure about moving. Still, you can try to work around the problem. State your moving day right up front in your cover letter, and companies will know that you’re a serious applicant. Meanwhile, learn how to prepare for moving. You don’t want to lose time, right?

Time Calendar

Make sure you have a deadline for moving.

Starting your career in NYC – Get your story straight

If you manage to settle some phone or Skype interviews for a job before you move to NYC, you need to be prepared. One of the first questions employers might ask is why are you moving to NYC. They want to see how serious you are about relocation. So, if starting over in NY after living in Chicago is your planprepare answers. You should come up with specific goals and objectives you’re hoping to achieve. This way they won’t think you’re relocating on a whim.

Use LinkedIn

Change your location on LinkedIn to NYC. So, if recruiters are searching by city, your name will be in the mix. Therefore, do this before you hire Golans Moving and Storage and relocate to NYC. Also, it’s good to search for people of all career stages in your field on LinkedIn. Do this not just to connect, but to review their resumes. Their work history can present a helpful timeline of the ways their careers have grown in the city. Plus, it can provide some useful insights for ways to break into the industry. 

Starting your career in NYC – Contact with headhunters

Headhunters always look for new talent. So, reach out to as many local headhunters specializing in your field as possible. But, when contacting, approach with the same attention to detail you’d use when applying for a job. And, send a professional, error-free email with a headline that stands out. State the reasons you’d be a good fit for their services.

Business Man - Starting your career in NYC

Starting your career in NYC is easier with headhunters.

Be prepared for a period of unemployment

Starting your career in NYC takes a lot of courage. Expect to spend at least a month looking for work. But prepare to spend up to three months on the hunt. So, learn how to save money on your relocation process so that you can have more money for an apartment deposit, rent, and living expenses. 

Come up with a budget for how much money you’ll need to make it in NYC while waiting by the phone to hear back on your applications.