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Should you invest in New York real estate?

Are you moving to Brooklyn from abroad and thinking about your options? So, you are planning on investing in the near future. But, have you thought about your options? Are you going to invest in the stock or should you invest in New York real estate? We say – put your money on the NY […]

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Real Estate Markets To Watch In 2018

So, you’ve decided to invest in real estate! That’s a smart choice, but be careful – you don’t want to make uninformed decisions and lose your hard-earned money. Besides consulting professionals, you should do all the research you can to make sure you’re making all the right choices. We’ve previously given you advice on the […]

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Real estate trends in 2017

During the 2016 many ugly things have shown its heads and caused collapse throughout the entire world. Housing market was not immune to such influences and has taken a very big hit. World events impact the economy, the stock market, the money flow and all of that leaves its trace. During 2016 there wasn’t enough […]

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