The most charming and family-friendly suburbs in Ontario

Starting a family is always a big step. It is always connected to many issues, questions and uncertainties. One of them is finding the perfect place to live and raise children. However, starting a family in or moving with your family to Canada seems to be the right choice and a solution that is not questioned. Besides, narrowing down your choice of the perfect place to live to Ontario makes the choice of the perfect place even easier. Ontario is considered to be the best place for young families in Canada. There are plenty of towns with the most charming and family-friendly suburbs in Ontario to choose from.

Settling in Ontario

Finding a great family place in Ontario is easy. The cities in the region offer great amenities perfect for families. The schools and colleges are top-notch providing great education. At the same time, these places offer a great cultural pallet of museums, theatres, and art. These cities are surrounded by untamed and beautiful nature that is perfect for families. At the same time, the region is offering great job opportunities, smart career choices, and a developing real estate market drawing young families of professionals in.

Ontario has some of the most developed cities that are great for professionals with families

Whether you chose Hamilton, Ottava, Toronto, Brantford, Stratford, or Oakville you will find what your family will need. These cities have some of the most charming family-friendly neighborhoods that attract families.

Neighborhoods in Ottava

Ottava as Canada’s capital stands out and is especially interesting for families. It is a fantastic city that has the greatest schooling system and also offers great nature at its core and other family-friendly amenities. At the same time, it has some of the best neighborhoods for families. Here is a list of the most family-friendly suburbs and what they have to offer.

The Glebe

The Glebe is an urban center of Ottava. It is an expensive suburb made of single-family homes. The neighborhood is family-friendly and has a great shopping area. you can find everything from local produce to designer clothes.


Orleans is mostly a francophone suburb close to downtown. It offers plenty of parks and sporting facilities to be used by families with children. The neighborhood has several schools for simple English and French to Montessori level schooling.

Parents walking their children in one of the most family-friendly suburbs in Ontario
Suburbs in Ontario offer everything a family might need from great homes, schools to other family-friendly amenities


Kanata used to be a separate town and is now a suburb of Ottava. It offers great parks and great schools and daycares. The community is developing and new development is popular with young families. This influenced the development of local moving companies and today the service is great in this area.

Alta Vista

Alta Vista is a close-knit community. It is a residential area that offers everything a family needs. From community centers, schools, parks to other family-oriented amenities. The neighborhood is popular with young professionals looking to settle in and buy a home.


Barrhaven is a haven for hiking and other outdoor activities. It is full of private, public, and catholic schools and is a favorite with families. Anyone moving locally to and in Barrhaven can rely on that the locals can assist with settling in quickly and easily.

Lake and forest
great nature is just one aspect of what Ontario has to offer

To conclude

So, Ontario is one of the greatest places to look for a perfect home for your family. A little bit of research will help you pinpoint the right location. Be sure that there is no shortage of family-friendly suburbs that are charming and attractive to families. Cities in Ontario will not disappoint just be thorough and do your research.