The pros and cons of living in GTA

Moving to the Greater Toronto Area seems like a big change and challenge, right? Well, it is not surprising. Toronto it the largest Canada’s city with over 6 million people. But, this is also a city with many opportunities. If you definitely decide to make the transition, Tender Touch Moving and Storage Toronto is ready to help you move to the GTA. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of living in GTA.

Toronto Canada

Moving to Toronto? Is it a good idea? Read about the pros and cons of living in GTA

Pros of living in GTA

There are a lot of things you will love about the 4th largest city in North America.

  • Economic opportunity

If you are looking for the better job, GTA is the right area for you. Toronto is the city with great opportunities for careers in arts, culture, media, tech… You want to live in the city with economic stability and many job opportunities, right? The most powerful world companies have offices in Toronto, such as Google, Uber, Shopify, Vice magazine and more. Also, if you are a plan to open startup, Toronto is the city for you.

  • Many exciting things to do

Toronto has something for everyone. You can enjoy the arts, museums, fashion, and exciting nightlife. During the year, there are many world-famous exhibitions such as the Hockey Hall of Fame, Castle Loma, the Ontario Science Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium, Canada’s Wonderland, etc. Other big events you can enjoy in GTA are the world-class Distillery District Christmas Market, the Royal Winter Fair…

  • Low crime

Even it is one of the biggest cities, Toronto is also one of the safest cities in the world. It has an amazingly low crime rate for such a big city. Of course, it has neighborhoods that are more dangerous than others and you have to be careful in the night. But, for such a big city there are much safer places than dangerous.

  • Easier winters than in the rest of Canada

Other pros of living in GTA are mild winter in comparison with the rest of Canada.

Nightlife in GTA

Exciting nightlife is a great part of Toronto life

Cons of living in GTA

Like any other city, Toronto also has the bad sides.

High prices of housing

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, the average cost of the detached home is $1.2 million. But, do not worry you can find less expensive real estates options, such as condos and townhouses. Of course, you can always consider renting but you have to spend a minimum $1,200 a month for an apartment. You can cut your monthly costs if you find 2-3 roommates.

Traffic jams

Like any other big city, also in Toronto, there is a problem with traffic jams. That’s why many Torontonians decide to sell the car and use other types of transport such as rail, buses, streetcars and subways lines. Also, another great way to commute is the bicycle. If you are a bicyclist this is one of the easiest ways to commute in the area.


Riding a bike is a great way to explore Toronto and to avoid traffic jams

In the big city is hard to make friends

Like in any other big city, in Toronto is also hard to make friends. The people are usually too busy to say hello or to invite you to the party or drink. This is a very busy city and the best way to find friends is to go online or to visit local bars after the work hours. Today, when the Internet has such popularity, Facebook is one of the sources to find friends in your community. Also, you can try to get involved in local community activities. If you are a parent go to the local parks and playgrounds to meet other parents and to help your children socialize.

Toronto isn’t placed for nature lovers

Toronto is a big busy city and it is not placed for nature lovers. But, there are many parks you can visit, especially in suburbs. Also, you can try boating on the lake, rock climbing, hiking, camping, etc. There are no many green places in the Downtown, but there are a few parks you can explore such as Trinity-Bellwood park, Allen Gardens, and High Park.

For Canada, GTA has hot summers

In many Canadian cities, such as Calgary, summer is mild and you can enjoy summer months without air conditioning. In Toronto, summers are warmer. So, if you don’t like warm summers, instead of moving to Toronto you should decide to call Calgary your home.

Restaurant in Toronto

If you want to make new friends in Toronto, visit local bars and restaurants to meet people

Is Moving to GTA the Right Decision for You?

The answer depends on your wishes and plans. The decision also depends on your age and things you are looking for. For young people this city is thrilling and it offers a lot of opportunities. But, if you have a big family, this city can be very difficult for a living. One thing is sure when you are living in GTA, you can forget about the boredom in this dynamic city.