The ultimate checklist for Toronto to Kelowna relocation

If you are interested in leaving the rush of the big city you really should consider moving to Kelowna. This small city with a big charm is located in British Columbia. Its small-town feel and charm are drawing a lot of people seeking peace in. The records of the recent population growth testify to that claim. If you are tempted, please try to find out more about this city. However, if you are moving in from Toronto you will need a little more information for this long-distance move. So, let’s get you started with the ultimate checklist for Toronto to Kelowna relocation.

Learn more about Kelowna

Even though Kelowna represents an escape from the big and bustling cities it is far from a dull and lifeless town. Kelowna offers a perfect small-town charm with plenty of amenities to enjoy. The lifestyle here is awesome with more and more realizing this location is perfect. Tourism in the summers is booming in Kelowna with many people coming in to experience the beaches and warm summer months in the local wineries.

Nature around Kelowna is the reason to make The ultimate checklist for relocation
With untouched nature, Kelowna is a place to enjoy the great outdoors and find adventure

Even though it might sound overwhelming the tourist numbers are certainly not and you will never feel crowded here. The people here are friendly, inviting, kind and it’s easy to get to know and get along with your neighbors. As the area is dependent on tourism there are many services providers here that are ready to welcome a large number of tourists and satisfy their every need. But if you are moving here is what you should know.

Kelowna is a city of culture

Downtown Kelowna has a great cultural district. In a short walk downtown, you will discover the Rotary Center for Arts, The art gallery, and the Community Theather. Museums and local shops and studios can provide something for everyone. These institutions after a great cultural experience and stimulate cultural and community involvement.

It has great weather

The weather here is great. It is perfect for many outdoor activities. It is not as cold as other parts of Canada. Winters are mild and summers are warm allowing for the enjoyment of all of the outdoor amenities that the area has to offer. So, if you are tired of cold weather you should check out the checklist for Toronto to Kelowna relocation and start enjoying this weather.

It is a place to experience adventure

If you are in for an adventure and active lifestyle you should look at resources on and explore how to relocate here as soon as possible. Amazing weather, untouched nature, clear air are perfect for outdoor fun and fitness. You can take advantage of over 300 trails for hiking or biking in the area. You can go sailing or swimming during the summer at Okanagan Lake. If you like the winter you can exploit achers of skiable terrain in the vicinity of the city.

Food and wine are top of the line

Nightlife in Kelowna is also great. It is dynamic and you can experience many bars and restaurants here. The local food is great and you can also taste great wines from over 40 wineries here. However, the city offers many local craft beers that can be great for a night out with friends.

Woman hiking
Hiking is just one of the activities you can enjoy here

Toronto to Kelowna relocation – the ultimate checklist

Now that you know what to expect from moving to Kelowna it is time to start your relocation process. There is a lot of advice on how to do it safely and securely from many resources. But, here is what you should have on your moving checklist to handle this process without too much stress and worry:

  • Prepare in advance
  • Hire professional movers
  • Get your packing supplies
  • Pack and prepare
  • Move your services and change your address

Prepare in advance

Make sure you start your moving preparation in advance to keep everything simpler. Create your inventory list and think about decluttering your belongings. Make plans for the things that need special care while moving. Also, consider selling or giving away your furniture or other unneeded belongings. Rent the storage if needed and prepare your children for the move.

Hire professional movers

You won’t be able to handle this Toronto to Kelowna long-distance move yourself. So, make sure you find and engage people with experience to handle it. Experienced movers have the knowledge and equipment to handle the relocation of your belongings. They know just how to load and unload your things and can handle the transport and moving insurance of your things. Just make sure to do your research and find a reputable and trustworthy moving company that you can trust. It’s a vital part of the checklist for Toronto to Kelowna relocation.

Get your packing supplies

Now that you know what you will move make sure you have enough packing materials. Gather all of the necessary supplies. You should buy or source out: Blankets and filling materials for packing and protection, new or used boxes for safe packing of your wardrobe, books, or kitchen items. Make sure you have enough plastic wrap and bubble wrap for extra protection as well as packing tape, markers, and labels. Also think about getting a dolly, carrying straps, gloves, scissors, and box cutters.

A couple packing boxes into a car is a part of the checklist for Toronto to Kelowna relocation
Follow the ultimate moving checklist to make your relocation a breeze

Pack and prepare

Once you are ready it is time to properly pack your belongings and prepare for moving day. So, pack and protect all of the breakable items. You can disassemble furniture and pack all of the pieces separately for protection. Empty your drawers and dressers and pack everything neatly. Also, make photos of your belongings so you don’t miss anything. It is good advice to take pictures of your electronic connections before dismantling them. Pack the necessities moving bag and start cleaning up behind you. Also, prepare yourself for a change of scenery and adaptation to Kelowna.

Move your services and change your address

Finally keep in mind to disconnect all of your services like internet, TV, and phone number. Cancel your subscriptions and memberships and inform all of the relevant parties about your move. Also, make a change of your address and make sure to engage all of the necessary services in your new home before you get there. This is the final step before you get on the road.

So, there is a lot of moving advice to know when planning your move. The ultimate checklist for Toronto to Kelowna relocation is here and it can make your move simpler. Always try to follow advice like this and stick to the checklist for a more relaxed and stress-free move.