The ultimate guide for moving with a pet

Moving, in general, can be very stressful to people, and just imagine how stressful can it be for your pet. So, if you are moving with a pet you came to the right place. Here you will find some very useful tips and tricks on how to make your moving days less stressful for yourself and for your furry friend as well. Pets are very empathic and they can feel the change, therefore you have to make sure that they do not feel that change. Making them happy during your moving day is the key and we will explain to you how to do that. Another useful tip would be if you haven’t decided already between moving to a house or an apartment, if you own a pet, the house would be the better choice.

Moving with a pet should go stress-free

Make sure to make your pet happy

Moving with a pet 101

When you are moving with a pet, during those hectic days, you have to dedicate some time to think about how will your pet go through this change. One of the best things that you can do for him is to move him last. This means that you should keep your pet in your old place until you move everything to your new place. When you officially finish with your move it would be the best time to bring him to your new home. Of course, in the meantime, while you are moving you have to make sure that he has everything he needs, and in case that your pet is a dog, you have to get some time and walk him and let him run a little bit during the day. Having a pet brings responsibility as much as it brings joy.

A white dog running

You have to take care of your dog, even more, when you are in process of moving

Pack him too

When you have a dog, a cat, or a gerbil, you should always make sure that they are happy. They cannot say anything but there are subtle ways that they are showing us that they are not happy with something. For example, a dog will run around with his bowl until you feed him or he will show his dissatisfaction by eating your shoe. Therefore, having a happy pet means a lot for the piece in the house. You should pack its stuff as well. A completely separate bag for your pet. This bag should contain:

  • Enough food for a couple of days until you settle
  • A brush
  • Kitty litter (in case that you have a cat)
  • Toys

These are the things that are a must when you are moving with a pet. And having a separate bag for them that will always be at reach of your hand is one f those things.

Check them before the move

Before you start moving and packing and your movers come to start your move– and when mentioning movers, this is also something that you should choose carefully especially when having a pet, there is another important thing that you should do for your pet. You should go and see a vet. It is good for the animal to be inspected by the vet before you start with all the fuss around your move. A healthy animal is a happy animal. If they got sick while you are moving it will be even more stressful and harder for them to adapt to the new environment. So, do the right thing and have a vet check your beloved pet. Even if everything seems fine, a routine inspection before the move would be a great move to make.

Move them somewhere quiet

You have to minimize their stress, and that is something that shouldn’t be hard if you have followed the steps we mentioned so far. Therefore, when the move starts, and there is all the noise, and dust around your house it is extremely important for them not to be there. First of all, it is dangerous, not only for them but for you and your movers. Someone can trip over your dog or a cat while carrying some heavy box. Your pet, a mover, or you can get injured and that is the last thing you want and need. So, make sure you move your pet to a safe room where he has food and water or asks a friend if he can take care of your pet while you are moving, that would be the best solution. Make some smart choices while moving with your pet.

Do not separate for too long

Even if your friend is willing to take care of your pet while you are in process of moving, you should make sure that you do not separate from your pet for a very long time. He has to see you and make sure that you haven’t abounded him. So, even if your friend will keep him for a couple of days make sure to visit him, and when the time comes to move him with you to your new place make sure that he is in your car with you.

Little black dog

Even if your dog is in a safe place, you have to check up on him during your move


Once you have moved, do not forget to update the information about your dog or cat. Change the address, so that if they get lost, someone who finds them can bring your furry friend back to you and not to your old address. It is all in the microchip. Also, if you have moved far away you should ask for some recommendation for a good vet that your animal will love and not be afraid of.

Moving with a pet and make that move less stressful than usual is possible. By following these tips and tricks we listed so far you won’t have any trouble while moving with your pet. Pets are a great company, and making them happy is important. So, make some effort and make your move comfortable for them.