Tips for buying a family house in NYC

Finding a permanent nest in the Big Apple is challenging enough, but buying a family house in NYC is an even bigger headache. Young families or parents-to-be need to think about a lot of factors. This time, you need to cover the needs of all your family members, not just yourself. It maybe sounds scary but don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered! With our guide and tips, you will be able to find a perfect home for your family. Take a look at these tips and be ready to jump into the housing market with no fear of making a mistake.

buying a family home in NYC can be difficult, but here are some tips to make it easy and successful

Buying a house for the first time in NYC can be complicated

Budget and ways to pay

Budget is the first step, and the factor you start from when deciding everything else. When buying a family house in NYC, you need to set a minimum and maximum budget. Some neighborhoods may be attractive to you, and some houses may be the love at first sight, but think twice if it exceeds your budget limit. The budget does not only include the house price, but also some minor or major renovation works, furniture, and some other first-time-owners unexpected costs. Payment option is also a critical factor. You can apply for a mortgage, or pay from your savings, either way, you need to think ahead and plan your payments for years in advance.

Plan your payments when buying a family home in NYC

Think about your payment methods first when buying a home

Choosing the perfect neighborhood when buying a family house in NYC

This time, you are moving with your family, or, if you are parents-to-be, your future family. You need to think about the needs of your children. Basically, you need to choose a neighborhood that will be safe and have a lot of children-friendly facilities. Schools, parks, sports facilities are always welcome. Some of our top recommendations are :

  1.   Battery Park City – a residential planned community located along the Hudson River. With more than third of its space being the parkland and low crime rate, this place is perfect of weekend play sessions for kids.
  2. Dumbo – short for ” Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, this upscale residential community is popular among families looking for a home. With the park overlooking the Brooklin bridge, good public schools, and low crime rate, it can be a perfect neighborhood for your family.
  3. Tribeca – many residents described this as one of the perfect family areas in NYC. When buying a family house in NYC, check out this neighborhood, because there are plenty of parks for kids and great schools. Furthermore, if you have older children, everything is so close, so you don’t have to worry if they go out and hang out with their friends. Family stores, convenient access to public transport and beautiful views make this place a good match for a family.
When buying a family house in NYC it is important to find a safe and family-friendly neighborhood.

Finding a family-friendly neighborhood in NYC is not that difficult

House that can change and grow

After you have chosen a neighborhood, now you need to find a house. The size of the house is very important in this case. Whether you have older children or you are a future parent, you need to think ahead. Basically, your kids will not be small babies forever. They will grow up and need their own room and space. That’s why you need to think carefully to use your budget on a home that will suit you now and after a couple of years as well. Before you ake the final decision, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions :

  1. Do you expect your family to grow? If your answer is yes, or maybe, this is a huge factor. Maybe you don’t need two extra rooms at the moment, but in a couple of years, your children will need separate rooms.
  2. Can some rooms be changed? If there are rooms that are big enough to be converted into two smaller rooms -this is a big advantage for families with children.
  3. Is there a space that can later function as an office or a playroom? Some spaces in a house can be later used as a study or some extra rooms can be converted into a guest room. Adaptability is a critical factor in-house planning.

Proximity to schools, work or parks

This time you need to think about what are the top priorities for you and your family. If you don’t mind driving to work a bit longer, you can choose a home that is closer to a school or playground. This way you will not have to think about your kids using public transport to school, or driving them every day. Choosing a place that has a good connection to your office via buses or a metro, is also a great idea. A positive factor is that your home is close to a park, your favorite shop, sports facilities, and of course your family and friends. One more thing to consider is your home’s closeness to some of the negative elements of the city – busy roads, dangerous streets, jails, factories, etc.

Moving with your family in NYC

Maybe you finished buying a family house in NYC. But now, that same family needs to move. Whether you are moving from another country and look for reliable international moving companies in NYC, or you are moving locally, this is an important step. If you already live in NYC, there are some good moving companies in NYC. Explore different boroughs of New York City.

Movers Brooklyn, for example, will be more affordable than moving companies in Manhattan for example. Yet, they offer top-quality services. So you would find a moving company fitting your moving budget without having to reduce your requirements when it comes to quality of moving services. If you have kids, the relocation can be even harder. But don’t you worry. There are ways to do that – family style. You can give your kids a chance to be a part of this process. Let them pack their things, make labels for boxes, draw on boxes, etc. This way all the moving chores will be more fun.

Even though it seems like a lot of work, if you plan your move carefully, you will make no mistakes. It is important to find a house that actually feels like home for you and your family members. This way you can enjoy and maybe overlook some disadvantages that your new house may have.