Tips for college move

You are all grown and the time has come to leave home. To leave the comfort and safety of your family home. It sounds maybe a bit scary but it is not. It is the opposite of scary actually. You should be excited and happy because the new life chapter is about to begin. Maybe the best one ever. College move represents a lot of things in life, you are about to become more independent and you will have to take responsibility for everything you do. You will probably have to learn how to cook and clean if you don’t know how to do that so far. Especially if you will rent an apartment and not live in a dorm. So, prepare yourself for everything that is about to come. Here you can find some tips for your college move.

Classroom at college

College is not all about studying

College move 101

What is very important about college move is, will you be renting a place or will you live in a dorm? If you are renting, will you live alone or will you have a roommate, or maybe even two? Depending on the answers to these questions you will know how to prepare yourself for a new and independent life. Renting a place all by yourself can be considered as the best option. However, this is also the most expensive option and your parents may not like this.

Let’s be honest, you will be starting a more independent life, but they will still be the ones who will pay for your scholarship and a place where you will be living. So, why not make easier for them and if you really don’t want to live in a dorm get a roommate. Best scenario would be to have someone who you already know to live with you if not, you will just have to hope that you will be able to find someone who will try and be a good roommate.

Packing for the move

Whether you are moving far away from your home or just to the next city you have to know how and what to pack for your college move. Knowing how to pack is half of the work. Best thing to do if you are moving abroad for college is to hire movers. Even if you are moving just to the next city great thing would be to hire movers. However, if you feel like you can do this college move on your own or with a help of a friend just go ahead. It will be a bit harder then it would be with having movers to do it for you but it can also be so much fun.

Pack your items in boxes. You can find boxes for free in some large convenient store. If not, buy them, they are not expensive. Once you get boxes, start packing. Make priorities you don’t have to pack absolutely everything you own. When it comes to more fragile items make sure to mark those boxes. It is really simple to pack for a college move. If it is easier for you to make a list of the things you will like to pack before the move:

  • Three pillowcases
  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Phone charger
  • Hair dryer
  • A lamp

And so many other things that you find important and you want to bring with you to a new place of living.

College move can be really fun

Pack the essentials

Dorm life

If you want to live in a dorm you should ask around for some advice, from someone who lived I a dorm or who is living in a dorm right now. For some people, a dorm is something awful, but for others, a dorm is the best experience in their life. Most people are in the group two. A dorm is a great way to meet new people and make friendships for life. You learn how to coexist with other people that are different from you. You learn how to respect other people opinions. Not to mention all the parties and social gatherings you will have the chance to visit. Living in a dorm is the best way possible to spend your college days. You can study in groups or alone somewhere in the huge and awesome library on campus. It is all up to you. A dorm is the best way to go definitely, not only it is way cheaper then renting an apartment, but also, for example, if you have decided to live and study in New Jersey, living in a dorm will make a such a financial difference for your parents.

Library at college

You can study in a library on your own or in study groups

Before the move

Before your college move make sure you have pack everything you want. Remember the list? Once you see that everything you need is there, the next step is the trip that you will take with your parents or friends. It is ok to be a little bit nervous, you are moving away, it is completely normal to feel a bit anxious. Once you arrive at the dorm go and check your room before you start bringing your things in, same goes for the apartment if you are renting one. See if everything is clean or you need to clean it before bringing your things. Once you bring all of your things do not unpack immediately, go and check the premises. See what is out there, there is plenty of time for unpacking. Go around with your family or friends they would also like to see where you will be staying.

College move is a once in a lifetime experience. You should enjoy and have fun. At college, you may fall in love, or you can find friends for life. Anything can happen. When there are so many young people at one place there is positive energy all around. Love your college days, there is a reason why most of the people around the world are saying that college days are the best days.