Tips for disassembling furniture

Even if it seems that relocating large and heavy household goods is a hard task, it does not have to be. When we talk about furniture, there are many ways to relocate it to your new home. The most reliable one is disassembling furniture. In this way, you will not only prepare for moving properly, but you will make the entire process easier. Speaking about furniture, you need to know how to disassemble it. In this article, we will present to you some useful tips and tricks that will help you to do it properly.

Can you disassemble furniture alone?

The first question for disassembling furniture is whether you can do it alone. Do not forget that we are talking about large and heavy household goods. It means that you need to know how to prepare it properly for the moving process. Even if it seems like an easy thing to do, you need to think twice about it. Do not forget that hiring professionals who can help you to do it are always an option. Just think wisely about what are you going to do and start the moving process. Of course, you should create a moving plan at the beginning, so you can be organized properly.

A question mark.
Can you disassemble furniture alone?

What are the tips for disassembling furniture?

Now, we would like to present to you a list of the tips that can help you in this process:

  • Gather appropriate equipment for disassembling furniture.
  • Do not disassemble all your furniture in one day.
  • Put the parts of furniture in one place.
  • Pack them into the boxes.
  • Make sure that the boxes are secured properly.

So, how to do this process properly? We will present it to you in the following lines of the article.

Gather appropriate equipment for disassembling furniture

As we mentioned, you have to think twice if you are going to disassemble furniture alone. In the case that you have decided you are going to do it yourself, you need to gather appropriate equipment. Getting appropriate equipment means that you will have extra costs. Do not forget that you also have the moving costs you need to handle. In the case that you are looking to save money on your relocation process, you need to define on time how much everything will cost you. The equipment which you should use is the hammer, a wrench, and a screwdriver. By getting this equipment, you can start the process.

A hammer which can be helpful when disassembling furniture.
Gather appropriate equipment.

Do not disassemble furniture in one day

When you are about to disassemble furniture, you should not do it on the same day. Keep in mind that for this process, you need to do everything properly. If you are in a hurry and not focused, the damage can happen. In other words, it is a crucial thing to take your time when you are disassembling it. Be patient and do everything slowly. A good idea is to ask for extra help and to do it with somebody. We have mentioned that hiring professionals is always an option if you think that you might need assistance.

Put the parts of furniture in one place

Once you have disassembled your furniture, put the parts in one place. Keep in mind that you should separate furniture parts from other belongings in your boxes. This means that you should have special boxes for your furniture parts. A good idea is to use one big empty room in your home and put the parts there, so you can keep them there until you start the packing process.

Renting a storage unit is always an option

Another good option which you have is to rent a storage unit for your furniture parts. In this way, you can keep them in storage until your moving day and be focused on other things for your relocation process. You just need to choose the best storage for your valuables and see which option is the most suitable for you.

Storage warehouses.
Rent a storage unit and put your furniture parts inside it.

Pack them into boxes

As we mentioned, when you have disassembled furniture, you should separate the parts from other belongings. This means that you need to have good cardboard boxes in which you can put furniture parts. You just need to pack boxes for moving properly, so you can be sure about the safety of your furniture. Also, be sure to put only parts that can suit inside the boxes. If you overweight the boxes damage can happen during transportation.

Make sure that the boxes are secured properly

In order to secure your boxes, even more, you will need extra packing supplies. For example, you can use egg cartons which you can put inside the box and secure your furniture parts. Also, you can use packing tape and secure the top of the box. If you are hiring professional packers, they will prepare your boxes properly. But, if you are doing it alone, you should find these materials. Keep in mind that you need to ensure your items’ safety when moving, so you can avoid any type of damage.

Unpack furniture parts first when you arrive at your new home

Finally, when you arrive at your new home, it is time to reassemble your furniture. In other words, you should unpack the boxes which contain furniture parts and start with reassembling it. Again, you should not hurry but take your time. Like when you were disassembling furniture, you should take time for this process and make it usable again.

Just use the previous tips and you will disassemble furniture with ease

We can agree that disassembling furniture is not a hard thing to do. You just need to think about whether you can do it or not. If you think that you can do it alone, just use the tips that we have presented to you and be sure that you will do it with ease. But, you should also remember to gather appropriate equipment and packing materials that we have mentioned. In this way, you will finish everything in the easiest way.