Tips for moving in together after a long-distance relationship

If you are moving in together after a long-distance relationship, it may be strange at the beginning. Living with your partner is different from living alone, especially after a long-distance relationship. You still don’t know each other completely, but you know that you love each other.

Moving in together after a long-distance relationship – tips for you

You already know how challenging it is to maintain a long-distance relationship, but it is not impossible. Now it is time to finally move in together and to live as a couple. Congratulations! But, keep in mind that it won’t be easy. Here are some tips for you when moving in together.


When moving in together, the relationship becomes different, especially if you were in a long-distance relationship

Consider moving without living together first

You have not spent time together as much as you should, so you don’t know each other well. Consider moving but without living together first, if you are able to and if your budget can cover that. Probab;y you cannot wait to start a life together with a person you love, still consider this as an option.

Make longer visits before moving

Before the final moving and before you start preparing for moving, visit your boyfriend/girlfriend a couple of times and stay there a couple of weeks, not only a couple of days. This way, you will see each other habits, good and bad sides.

Being together after moving in together after a long-distance relationship

Finally, you can spend time together as a couple in person, not only via phone

Choose a home where you will live

If your partner’s home is not enough for you two, then choose home together. A home that will fit you both. Be ready for some compromises and set a budget. You can choose it after you move to a new city. For a while, maybe you can live in a home where your bf or gf lives right now.

Be realistic

There is no perfect relationship and be prepared for differences. You two will have beautiful moments, but on the other hand, you will share disappointments toom and it is completely normal.

Discuss your deal breakers

What are your priorities and what do you want in life? Also, ask your partner these questions. It is healthy to have alone time even if you are living together, for example.

Hire a long-distance moving company

To move with ease from one state to another (or from one country to another) you should hire a reliable and experienced moving company you can trust. Moving long-distance by yourself is not simple, that is why you need professionals by your side.

Adjustment period

After moving in together after a long-distance relationship, there comes an adaption period and it may be difficult after the honeymoon phase is over. You need to explore the new city, meet new people, adjust to a new environment. And sometimes you will feel nostalgic. Prepare for this period and work as a team, your partner should help you because he/she already knows that area.