Tips for moving to New Jersey on a budget

The Garden State is a truly beautiful place to live in! With its proximity to both mountains and beaches, and a world-class education system, it is no wonder more and more people are deciding to call New Jersey their home. The fact that New Jersey is one of the smallest USA states, and yet the second wealthiest one says a lot about the state`s economy. However, that same fact is also an obstacle for so many people moving to New Jersey. If you happen to be one of them, don`t worry. Here is what you need to consider if you are moving to New Jersey on a budget.

city skyline

You can pull off moving to New Jersey on a limited budget!

Choose an affordable city when moving to New Jersey

Just like in any other state, the living price varies greatly in different cities in the state of New Jersey. You don`t have to necessarily stay away from big cities if you are strapped for cash. It is all about the ratio between affordability and quality of life. Below, you will find three such cities!


Well, this certainly may come as a surprise! Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey, which should make it super expensive by default, right? Wrong! This city is not as expensive as you might think. The median house price is 113,100 dollars, which in my book makes Trenton budget-friendly. Furthermore, the average household income is 35, 647 dollars, which shouldn`t make it too hard for you to own a property, while at the same time living comfortably. In case these numbers have not convinced you, keep in mind that Trenton is full of historical monuments, museums, venues of all sorts and sports events. After all, it is the capital city!

  1. Pleasantville

Pleasantville is perfect for all those family-oriented people moving to New Jersey. It is a very small city, with the population of just over 20. 000 people. What makes Pleasantville so appealing might be the fact that it is located just 5 miles from Atlantic City! Think about it. You can enjoy all the attractions Atlantic City offers, while at the same time living in peace and quiet in Pleasantville. Best of both worlds, right? And when it comes to median house prices, Pleasantville is extremely affordable, with 157, 100 dollars being the average home price. Pleasantville residents earn 40, 521 dollars on average, so they have more than enough money to afford all of life`s necessities.

  1. Rahway

The median house prices (279, 000 dollars) of this city might have you fooled. Even though they are on the more expensive side, keep in mind that the average household income is also higher than in the other cities on this list (59, 076 dollars.) And guess what? Rahway is just 15 miles from Manhattan! If you are relocating to New Jersey on a budget, but like to often wander around, this is the perfect place for you!

people walking on the street

By choosing an affordable city, you can save some money when relocating to NJ.

Choose the best season when moving to New Jersey

You might think to yourself that it makes no big difference in which season of the year you move. However, this thinking is far from the truth when it comes to the affordability of your move. No doubt that the best seasons for relocation to New Jersey are spring and fall. But why is that? Well, besides the fact that they are the most comfortable ones, they will also save you a few pennies.

Moving to New Jersey during the summer means facing incredible traffic jams. Nobody wants to go through that! Being stuck in traffic means unnecessarily losing gas, time and your nerves. In case you absolutely must move during this season, make sure to stock up on your water supplies. You need to stay hydrated. Also, brace yourself for what`s to come. Know what to expect and simply deal with it.

Moving to New Jersey during the winter, on the other hand, means getting your vehicle winterized. We all know car equipment is not cheap. You will need to get your vehicle and breaks entirely checked by a mechanic. Winter tires are a must as well. As you can see, it would be best if you could avoid relocating to NJ during the winter. If not, make your peace with it. It is what it is.

Since the weather in this state is extremely unpredictable, always check the weather forecast ahead of your New Jersey move. You want to avoid moving during the storms and heavy rain.

Choose your transportation wisely when moving to New Jersey on a budget

People relocating to NJ often don`t realize how much time they will have to spend in commuting time. Your vehicle of choice can greatly aid or hurt your budget. What are your transportation options in New Jersey?

  • Choosing a car as a primary transportation vehicle when moving to New Jersey.
  • Deciding on a train or a metro to get you around.
  • Using a bike after moving to New Jersey on a budget.
  • Commuting on foot.

Clearly, if you have the opportunity, it is best to use a bike or choose to walk if you want to save money. The train is the next logical option if you don`t mind the potential jams. In case you don`t have a train station anywhere near you, naturally, you have to use a car. This is the pricey option, but hey, nothing beats the feeling of comfort and freedom you get in your car.

bike in the forest

A bike is always the most affordable transportation vehicle

Well, there you have it. A couple of things you can save money on if you are moving to New Jersey on a budget. Saving a few pennies here and there will go a long way in the end. Always remember, being frugal is a quality, not a flaw! With all that being said, what`s left is for you to make the necessary arrangements and move to New Jersey. You are in for a wild ride.