Tips for planning eco-friendly relocation

Eco-friendly relocation is completely possible if you plan. There is no need to use bubble wrap, packing paper, and cardboard moving boxes. You do not need box dividers and the rest of the packing equipment that is not so easily degradable. There are ways to relocate all your household belongings without using any of before mentioned harmful items. So, let’s check this one out.

Eco-friendly relocation – what you can replace

There are a few simple changes you can do to make your upcoming relocation much more green. For example, instead of packing your breakable items in bubble wrap (that is not so great for the environment even though it’s great for protection), you can use the items you already have and you plan on bringing with you. Just think about it for a second. You can pack vases and glasses or plates even in your t-shirts.

eco-friendly relocation
Some solutions are perfectly fine and will keep all your household belongings safe so, why not try an eco-friendly relocation?

Bigger items like TV can be secured using blankets and bedding. This is something you already have to bring with you, and you can also use it for the protection of your breakables. Thinking outside the box will help you with this task that’s ahead of you. Consider also options for green renovation after you move.

Moving boxes

If you already own good-quality moving boxes, reusing them is a smart choice. That’s recycling after all. But if you do not – don’t buy any. You can rent plastic bins from your local movers. That is a more eco-friendly way and after you are done with them – they are not your problem. That is a practical way too. So make sure to check all your local movers online and see who has plastic bins for renting. Many of them do.

Hire Green movers for your eco-friendly relocation

There are many environment-friendly movers available nowadays. So if you plan on hiring movers make sure to check their website and see if they practice green relocations. Movers can be very helpful. They can help with packing, heavy lifting, finding suitable storage, unpacking, settling in and so many more. But, you want your green movers to be responsible and make sure they care about the environment just as much as you do.

Hiring professional movers!
You can rely on professionals for this task.

Plan ahead

The best tip we have for you is to plan your green relocation. You might need some time to find suitable solutions that will work best for you. Downloading moving apps can help you too. They usually have great tips, reminders, many of them can also help you find the right movers. Experienced and licensed at the same time.

Moving apps are mostly free so there is nothing to lose by downloading some of them to try them out if moving by yourself and they can be quite helpful. Good luck and hopefully your eco-friendly relocation will be as smooth and hassle-free as it is helpful to the planet.