Tips for sharing a New York apartment with roommates

When you are living in New York City, then you know that every New Yorker has two dreams. One is central AC, and the other one is having an apartment all to yourself. But living in a big city like this by yourself is getting more and more difficult. So until you make it big, or decide to go to the suburbs, you’re stuck with roommates. Here are some tips for sharing a New York apartment with roommates that can help you with that struggle.

What it’s like living with roommates

When you meet a stranger and you become roommates, you have to make a deal. Because if you are living together, then you need to come up with a common arrangement. Find a way that will work for both of you. And to make that happen, communication is very important. You don’t have to be best friends, you just have to talk to each other and find the best solution for your life together. That’s why you need someone to make compromises with. For example one of the ways that can help you survive NYC on a tight budget is having someone to share bills with. Especially if you live in an apartment that you might not afford by yourself. That’s why you should consider sharing a New York apartment with roommates.

Man, woman, and dog.

Sharing a New York apartment with roommates can be difficult. But, when you find the right person it doesn’t have to be.

When sharing a New York apartment with roommates

When it comes to sharing a New York apartment with roommates, you must be well prepared. Because you need to find a person to share a space with and understand each other’s habits, and sometimes teach each other new things. This is important because these lessons create a balance between roommates and ultimately make living together more enjoyable.

Prepare for sharing a New York apartment with roommates

So, before you start living with someone you need to prepare. First, you have to relocate to your NYC apartment. And to do that, you have to find a place where you will live, and also if you can’t handle the relocation by yourself, you need to find some reliable and reputable movers. But, when it comes to New York City you have nothing to worry about because Upper East Side has great movers to offer. They will take care of your relocation so that you can focus on more important things, like settling down and sharing a New York apartment with roommates.


After you relocate with Heart Moving Manhattan NYC, you will have plenty of time to prepare for sharing a New York apartment with roommates. And if you are going to live with someone you just met, then you need to be flexible and willing to compromise. During your discussion about ground rules, you and your roommates will inevitably run into disagreements. That is for sure. That’s why you have to be flexible and work to compromise to accommodate each other’s differing lifestyles.

Handshake, cooperate and connect. Be flexible and willing to compromise if you are sharing a New York apartment with roommates.

Be flexible and willing to compromise!

Don’t be BFF with your roommate!

If you and your roommate don’t get along, then you shouldn’t try to force that relationship. Because the only thing that matters in this situation is that you two respect each other. That’s why you need to understand you don’t have to be best friends with your roommate. Just because you’re good friends doesn’t mean you’ll naturally be good roommates. And here the problem usually stems from poor expectation management. Best friends might naively assume that they’ll get along without establishing ground rules or having weekly sync-up meetings. But they usually don’t. That’s why you shouldn’t skip those steps if you’re moving in with a good friend.

When living with your BFF

You see, friendships can also deteriorate if you rely on each other for all your social and emotional needs. For example, if you move in together you can make a plan for exploring a new city or doing something else. But even if you’re two manly peas in a pod, don’t spend all your time with each other. Go by yourself, make other friends, find different interests, and do things separately sometimes. Because even though you two get along it doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time.

Establish some rules!

So, if you want to live in Manhattan, then you need to make some compromises. This is especially important if you opt for sharing New York apartment with roommates. And that’s why you have to establish some rules! Because the key to managing roommate relationships is mutual respect and consideration of one another. So, if you don’t like walking into your living room to unexpectedly find a stranger sacked out on the couch, then you should not invite friends over without giving your roommate a heads-up. Also, one of the golden rules is – don’t touch your roommate’s stuff without asking permission first and don’t leave your dirty dishes in the common area. Respect those rules you both make and each other and there should not be any problems.

Know the rules!

Play by the rules!

All of these are just some of the pros and cons of living in Manhattan. So, if you are willing to make this work, then you need to know what you are getting yourself into.

Conclusion about sharing a New York apartment with roommates

If you’re like most people who are leaving the nest for the first time, then you probably won’t have enough money to live all by yourself. So, to save money, you’ll very likely have to bunk with a roommate or two to cut down on living costs. Sharing a New York apartment with roommates will put you through many challenges. While roommates can save you money, they can still pose many difficulties. Because, any time you put two people with different backgrounds and lifestyles together under one roof, there’s bound to be conflict and awkward social moments. That’s inevitable. But, when you know the person you want to live with, things are a lot easier.