Tips for your NYC relocation – step by step guide

So, your guiding idea is NYC relocation, well then let us be first to congratulate you in arriving in a concrete jungle. The big apple is the most populous city in the United States. But worry not, you are not alone to seek relocation and a better life in NYC. Moreover, do not forget, stress and anxiety are a normal part of the relocation process as well exciting. There are a lot of stuff to take care of, organization, protection of your stuff and many more. This article is to point you in the right direction. All in order to show you that that relocation can be hassle-free and without losing your belongings or your temper.  We are going to show you and suggest a proper approach to make sure you settle in. Settle in a new home, and your new city without too much trouble.   

NYC relocation get organized right away:   

Do not forget that moving is a hefty task and requires a long list of things to do and keep track off. One word is key to a successful move, organization. The more organized you are the better and lighter you feel. Therefore, create a to-do list with everything from start to bottom. Create a moving checklist, and make sure to mark every important task on the calendar. Here is a crucial tip here. Break all the tasks into small items that make relocation more manageable.  Get through every room of the house and decide what you want to throw away before the move. Furthermore, think about whether any items require special packing or maybe extra insurance.  Remember, starting a way ahead is also a key thing. And if possible our advice is to start as much as 8 weeks earlier.

checklist for NYC relocation

Your NYC relocation starts with a proper checklist of all that needs to be done!

Consider hiring movers:   

Maybe the best thing to do for your belongings is to hire a professional who is accustomed to moving to the big apple. Movers that are aware of traffic jams, rush hours and all in between. With that in order, we might take it on ourselves to provide you suggestions. Consider this Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC. The company you pick must have a high level of experience and moves with the borough. A veteran mover needs to understand the minutia of moving to New York. All in order so things like double parking and how to maneuver furniture through tight spaces. That needs to be second nature. For a successful NYC relocation minimum of three people are needed. On to stay with the vehicle so it does not get towed it can happen count on it when planning. Furthermore, the other two to move the furnishing into the moving truck. 

To do list with tasks

To do list is a must, divide all into smaller pieces!

NYC relocation priority number one: Think outside the box  

When you start packing then it hits you just how much stuff you own. And since there is an addition expense with moving boxes. You need to cut down on buying moving boxes as much as possible and take advantage of what you already have. Pack your belongings in as many hampers, baskets and suitcases you can find. Be creative is the point to make. Moreover, the more creative you are the fewer items you have to carry. And on the pros side, it is an easy way to go green. Pro tip number two, bubble wrap is a waste of space and money. Instead, you can kill two birds with one stone. Wrap all your breakables like glasses and dishes in clothing. It gives your fragile items a much higher chance of surviving the move. Also, it fills up irregular space in the moving boxes so that your belongings won’t shift during the move.   

NYC street view

You must take into consideration NYC traffic and rush hours!

Avoid unnecessary work:   

It is crucial to make your time as efficient as possible. You do not want to waste time on any unnecessary packing and unpacking. You have to deal a lot already. When it comes to your NYC relocation it is way more effective to keep some stuff in its place when moving it. Keep your drawers shut and your small things in their intended containers. Moreover, hold them tight using plastic wrap. Also on the plus side, do not bother taking your clothes off the hangars. Instead, gently place them in a trash bag so you can easily rehang them once you unpack. Remember here crucial point is that when it comes to moving to NYC, time is money and sanity. The goal is to go with as less stress as possible. Quick tip to remember. To avoid any extra hassles on moving day, take pictures of how your electronics are connected and assembled.  

 Now that we reached the end of this article our goal is to assure you that you are not alone. Every moving experience is sure to be stressful and you can only smooth the way. These are some step by step guidelines to make this experience less of a nightmare. Once you set in your new home only thing left is to make it a home. After buying a home in New York only thing left is to get to know your new surroundings. Remember New York offers everything to make that most populous city in the world your home. We truly hope to make sure that your NYC relocation goes well. And this article is all about setting you in the right piece of mind. With that in mind, we wish you a bit of good luck!