Top 3 states to invest in East Coast real estate

Investing in real estate is always a good investment to make. Real estate is something that is always going to be valuable. Especially when we are talking about real estate on the East Coast of the country. East Coast is very expensive when it comes to real estate so you have to make sure that you invest in the right place. And choosing a state where to invest in can be difficult. This is why we decided to tell you about the top 3 states to invest in East Coast real estate.

1. Florida

Florida is one of the best states to invest in East Coast real estate. This is because the real estate isn’t as expensive as in other states that we will mention. Plus Florida is one of the best states to invest in real estate because even if you don’t end up living there, you will have who to rent it out to. A lot of people move to Florida every year and these are mostly young people. And young people who move to Florida most of the time don’t have enough money for buying a house and they turn to renting one.

A family home in one of the top 3 states to invest in East Coast real estate
Homes in Florida are great and inexpensive.

There are plenty of places in Florida where investing would be a good idea but it is best to invest in one of the many coastal towns of Florida. Coastal towns are the best as a lot of tourists come here too. This means that if planning on renting out this oceanfront property in Florida, you can do so easily over AirBnB.

2. North Carolina

The second best state to invest in East Coast real estate would definitely be North Carolina. This is a great state for families to move to with Best Cross Country Movers. This is a really good state for children to grow up in. There are a lot of amazing houses to be found in North Carolina and the real estate isn’t expensive at all. The average housing price in NC is somewhere around $220,000. There are homes that cost much more than this and much less. You will be able to find what you need easily.

NC house.
Houses in NC are mostly big and spacious.

Plenty of people from New York invest in real estate in North Carolina as the real estate market of New York is very saturated and expensive. It makes finding a perfect home to live in very hard. A lot of people leave this state for good after investing in real estate in other East Coast states such as North Carolina.

3. New Jersey

The last but definitely not the least would be New Jersey. This is the most expensive out of the three that we mentioned so we saved it for last. But it is most definitely one of the top 3 states to invest in real estate. And this is solely because the real estate prices are going only upwards in New Jersey. This means that even if you invest and decide to move away, you will be able to earn some money if you just renovate your house a little. If buying a house in the US for the first time, buying one in NJ isn’t a bad idea.