Top 5 destinations in the USA

The United States of America is home to people from all over the world.  This multicultural country welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every year thanks to the job opportunities promised by the American dream. When deciding where to put down roots, many factors influence the decision such as the climate, politics, affordable housing, good schools, well-paying jobs, low cost of living and many others. In the USA, everyone can find something for themselves, given its size and diversity. Charming small towns and prosperous big cities are offering myriad opportunities. World Real Estate Directory has prepared the top 5 destinations in the USA, so hurry up and start your new life.

1) San Franciso Bay Area, California

If you have prepared your moving checklist, but still can’t decide on the destination in the USA, think no more. Undeniably, San Francisco, or popularly referred to as simply the Bay, is one of the great cities, not only in the USA but in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge, a sparkling bay, and the world’s finest wines are just a glimpse of what the Bay has to offer. The stunning natural beauty and scenic beaches are tough to beat.

If you like to eat healthy food, then San Francisco is the place for you. People living in the Bay Area tend to eat more vegetables and have fresh produce and a strong organic food industry. Did you know that San Francisco has been one of the top US cities for foreigners and that it has been constantly ranked as one of the healthiest places to live? Therefore, it’s very hard to say no to San Francisco! 

Golden Gate Bridge
The stunning beauty of San Francisco makes the city a top destination in the USA.

2) Waltham, Massachusetts

If you want to make Massachusetts your home, you will find some of the best places to live all over the Bay State. In this academically prestigious state, Waltham is a town where young people opt to live in. It is a multicultural town near Boston in Middlesex County. The town is the center of high education and it’s home to two universities: Brandies University and Bently College. Active nightlife attracts young people and the famous Moody Street offers an eclectic dining scene with over 260 bars and restaurants. The town boasts with 5 museums, many beautiful parks, and spectacular theatres. On top of it, the unemployment rate is quite low at approximately 4.3% and the crime rate is the 9th lowest in the state. Who wouldn’t love to live in this safe and lovely town?

A building in Massachusetts
Massachusettes in one of the best places to live.

3) Washington, District of Columbia

When you came to Washington, your exhaustion from an international move will be immediately forgotten. Seeing the attractions in Washington, you may feel like you are stepping through the pages of history. From the Lincoln Memorial, and the National Archives to the Smithsonian Institution and John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, the District has something for everyone. Washington is the heart of US politics and it’s also the center of national media. The Washington Post is the oldest and the most popular daily newspaper in the States. Washington’s high quality of life and solid job market ranks the city among the best places to live. In a nutshell, everybody can find something for themselves in Washington, one of the top destinations in the USA.

4) New York City, New York

One of the most interesting, most diverse and most famous cities in the world is New York City or the Big Apple. Times Square, the Unisphere, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty are well-known symbols of NYC. When you come to NYC you won’t have a problem finding a job since the Big Apple is full of job opportunities and it’s a great place to meet people. There are a few interesting facts about NYC that you probably didn’t know:

  • Central Park is bigger than Monaco.
  • About 45 million foreign and domestic tourists visit NYC each year. They spend about $ 25 billion.
  • NYC is probably the most multicultural city in the world and it is believed that nearly 40% of the people who lived here today were born in another city.
  • NYC is and will always be one of the top destinations in the USA to live in.

And yes, the Big Apple is expensive, but that is because it’s worth it! New York City is a magnificent multicultural city and attracts people to come and stay, and not only out of the state but out of the country as well. So come and begin a new life in New York City, New York, a favorite of millennials!

People on Times Square - one of the top destinations in the USA
New York City, New York is such a vibrant place to set up home.

5) Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, known as the City of Angels or just L.A., is the most populous city in California, and the second populous city in the United States, after New York. It might not be one of the best areas to age in place, but the City of Angels is a trend-setting global metropolis, and one of the best US cities for foreigners. Yes, the cost of living in Los Angeles is exceptionally high, but the housing is great.

The city gives you a lot of job opportunities, so you can find a position easily. In addition to this, the crime rate has been on a significant drop over the past few years. Glendale has been recognized as one of the safest areas, according to the FBI, and not only in L.A, but in America. Thus, all you have to do is find a reputable company for your relocation and spend life at this wonderful place.

There are many top destinations in the USA, but these 5 are the best of the best. Each and every one of them has to offer something different and unique where everybody can find their cup of tea. Hit the road and choose your top destination in the USA to spend your life.