Top 6 places in Howard County, MD

Nowadays people have the luxury to move wherever they want for whatever reason. Most people moving, especially long-distance moving, are on the search for a place where they could live a life they want to as best as possible. For some, the most important thing is to live in a nice big house. A lot of people want to move to a place where they could easily start a business. There are plenty of parents moving from one state to another in order to provide a safer life for their children as well as better education and a healthier surrounding. It depends on what you find most important at the moment.

Surely one of the states a lot of people have been moving to for years from all other states and countries is Maryland. This is a very small state, that is probably why a lot of people underestimate what it has to offer. One of the areas in Maryland a lot of people have been and should be moving to is Howard County. There are six places in Howard County we believe you need to know more about in order to consider moving there. No matter your age, we believe you’ll love these places as there are plenty of reasons for doing so.


One of the first places in Howard County we have to tell you more information about is Columbia. This is a census-designated place located on the outskirts of Baltimore. You can already guess why this is a very nice place to move to. But if you can’t, we are here to give you a couple of reasons we believe are worth having in mind when choosing a place to move to.

Columbia is a suburban town which makes it perfect for family living.

As Columbia is located on the outskirts of Baltimore it is practically a suburb. The suburbs are a perfect place for raising children. Plus, living in the suburbs means that you can easily move in as the city has great service when it comes to moving assistance. You can also easily relocate from Columbia to Baltimore if you ever decide to do so. But living in Columbia means being able to easily access Baltimore any time as they are very well-connected. It doesn’t take long to reach Baltimore downtown from Columbia which is why a lot of young people working or studying there are living in Columbia.

North Laurel

Another amazing place worth talking about is North Laurel. It is located right in between Washington and Baltimore. None of the two cities are close enough for you to live here and work there as it takes a couple of hours to reach them but it still has a very good location. The location is not the most important thing of course. One of the best things about North Laurel is the fact that it is very safe. It is a small town.

Not a lot of people live here. This is why the community here is very close. There are events being held all the time with the intention of bringing people who live here closer together. This surely means that North Laurel is a good place for raising children. If you already have children and are thinking about moving from one state to another, is a moving company to hire for moving assistance. Moving with children is not easy but they will make it as stress-free as it can be. This guarantees you a nice fresh start after moving to North Laurel.

Maryland flags.
This is one of the nicest places in Howard County, Maryland.

Ellicott City

You can and should also consider moving to Ellicott City. It is located in the Northern part of Howard County. Why this is one of the places in Howard County to consider moving to is a hard question to answer as there are plenty of reasons. Young people love Ellicott City as there are plenty of things to do here even though it is a small city. Having what to do in your free time is important as this is how you reduce stress caused by work, lift your mood, and keep yourself entertained.

There are plenty of lovely cities in Howard County where you really do not have many options when it comes to such things. This is why we believe moving to Ellicott City is a good idea. There are some amazing neighborhoods for raising a family here as well which is another reason why consider it.


One of the places in Howard County located even closer to Baltimore is Hanover. It is a very lovely small town. Mostly elderly people live here as this is one of those towns where you do not have many things to do outside of your home. Living here is a good idea if you travel a lot as it is not so expensive and there is an airport here.

Old man.
A lot of elderly people have been moving to Hanover.


The fifth on the list is Savage-Guilford. A small town with a lot of people. There are more than 15,000 people living here. It is not a lot but yet not so little either. This is one of the most charming Maryland towns. The community is close here as well. The locals love organizing events for children. There are plenty of beautiful parks here where parents spend their time with children in the nice weather.

Kings Contrivance

A lot of people want to try living in a village. One of the nicest villages in Howard County is Kings Contrivance. It is a very big area but not a lot of people live here as of now. New houses are built here every year. They are big and spacious and most of them come with a big back and front yard which makes this the perfect place for investing in a second property. This is the perfect place for the elderly to move to.